First stop: Crailsheim

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

After landing, I had another tow hours drive to  little village named Crailsheim. I can proudly say that I have been on the Autobahn. 
Driving without speed limits is awesome.
And I am amazed by the discipline the Germans have on their roads. 
They are such good drivers and so patient. A system like the Autobahn will never ever work in South Africa. Even though there are some of us who think it is the Autobahn, and that there are no speed limits. 
Ahem, guilty.

I dozed off in the car, only to be woken by my driver, excitedly telling me that we were now driving at about 220 km/h. I have never been in a car that could go that fast. My poor baby can only reach about 160 km/h and even then it shakes like a Parkinsons patient. But I have to give it to my care, it can drive on petrol fumes for about a week.

The German countryside is amazing. The roads was encompassed by endless forests, millions of trees. Later, a German journalist would inform me that, in the earlier years, Germans believed that their gods lived in trees and the trees were hallowed. He added that the Germans still love their trees today and there are many rules and regulations to protect the country's arbour.

Later, after resting a bit and taking a refreshing shower, I took to the streets of Crailsheim. People seemed to walk everywhere, but when a car did come around, it would be driven by cocky young guys in cabriolets. Funnily enough, everytime a car came by Give me Everything Tonight by Neyo and Pitbull were playing. They seem to like that song in Crailsheim.

There were church towers everywhere and I was in awe of the architecture that this seemingly modern village    had. One thing that is still a bit archaic is that nothing was legible. Or understandable. Yes, I know I was in a foreign country, but everything was in German. They sure love their language. While resting in the hotel room,   I watched Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace, Spongebob Squarepants and Scrubs in German. Hahaha. Luckily, Afrikaans has its similarities so I could pick up a few words here and there, but the rest was so to say Greek to me.

I finally settled down for lunch at a pizzeria. I ordered a salami pizza and when I got it, it was sooo hot that it was literally boiling in my plate. While I waited for it to cool down, I sipped on an ice cold beer. It's autumn in Europe now, not unlike our spring in South Africa, yet I managed to get sunburn. Something which I have not managed yet in South Africa.

After lunch I was exhausted from the long haul flight and drive, so I took a little nap at the hotel. Three hours later, my hosts picked me up and took me to another little village with amazing history. But more about this next time...


Mo Pie, Please said...

So jealous!! You must be having the most amazing time!

Tara said...

What a gorgeous city! So picturesque. I'm also very very very jealous!

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