Last stop: Munich

Friday, September 23, 2011

Or Munchen, whichever way you like. As soon as my hosts heard that I would have to spend my last day in Crailsheim, which only has so much to see and only so much activities, they decided to book me into a hotel in Munich and I left for the city as soon as our conference was over.

Unfortunately I only got there at about half past eight, and I was just definitely not prepared on getting lost in the city at night. Even though my hosts kept telling me that it is not like South Africa, and I don't have to be scared about walking around on my own or take the subway. But I retired early and decided to get up early the next day and then take said subway to the places my hosts recommended. Speaking of which, I did get lost on it. For about a whole hour! I was looking for Central Station, so I could store my luggage.

I was also wearing my Springbok jersey on the day and was stopped three times because of this! One time I met some fellow South Africans on the station, another time some random guys shouted 'Aaaah, bokke!' I went bright red and they started laughing. And then the last time a random guy, with a thick German accent, but a green shirt with a South African flag asked me to go and watch the rugby with him the next day. I just laughed. 

Eventually I landed up on Marienplatz, which is almost smack bang in the centre. I think. As I was trying to get my bearings, I saw a group of people gather around someone with a sign that said "Pay as you wish. Munchen Tour." I signed up and got an amazing two and a half hour tour of the city.  Smart, aren't I? That way I couldn't get lost :) 

About five minutes later the history lesson started and we watched as the Glockenspiel started to turn and the bells started to chime. It was quite a sight. Quite magical!

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♥ saffie said...

I went to Munich a couple of years back. We ate in a really nice restaraunt, The Spartenhousen or something like that:) They're apple fritters were excellent :)

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