Second stop: Rottenburg

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This little village is ancient! It is filled with a lovely history and has so much to see and learn. I was lucky enough to have a tour, guided by someone who usually guides for celebs, he says he has even guided the likes of Ms Jolie. Well, there you have it. He said that unfortunately he could only scratch at the surface of his vast knowledge, as we had very little time, and believe you me, he really knew a lot about this little town. And he presented every little detail of this village with so much enthusiasm. I really enjoyed the tour. But unfortunately I cannot remember most of what he said, a result of fatigue. I was a zombie. So I decided to swamp you with pictures. For some reason they came out a little bit grainy. I think it has to do with the light.

Me, clearly red from sunburn

Later we had dinner at a fancy cute little hotel. I didn't quite catch the name, maybe you can see it from the photo I took. We had a TEN COURSE MEAL! Yes! And two of the courses included caviar. The other plates varied from mozzarella foam, to quail's egg, to dove breast. It was gourmet allright. One dish even had three different servings of tuna. Raw, semi raw and not so raw. That's basically what I can remember. After the last photo it basically became too dark to take any decent things. Hope you liked it.

A very interesting lamp in the restaurant


♥ saffie said...

Aw, it's all so pretty over there. All those pictures, {especially the third one} remind me of a toy town :)
I love quaint little places like that. It reminds me a lot of when I went to Switzerland in the snow. Everything was so perfect and quaint :)
Saffie x

Krystal said...

this does look like a cute town to stroll around, especially with that band!

Jenna said...

So glad you had a nice time in Germany - but I bet Flip is glad to have you back home :)

Can't wait for the rest of the pics!


Helena said...

My sister and I LOVED Rottenburg! It's so well-preserved and just perfect!

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