My first time in Europe

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey guys! I am back from Germany! Whoohoo.

Well, can I just say that I still HATE flying? It is the bane of my existence. And whoever said flying is fun probably flew first class everytime!

However, I was fortunate enough to have shared the airspace with a bunch of eccentric Germans, who just returned from a South African food safari. They booked aisles and aisles of seats, so that they could spread their legs and sleep, which the occasion called for.

I had two seats to myself and in between the fifteen winks I managed to get in, I watched Something Borrowed (very sweet, but I was angered at what happened), an episode of Glee, Midnight in Paris, which was also sweet but also enraging. I mean, when did it become so acceptable to cheat on people and be so  nonchalant about it? Maybe it's just how I feel about relationships. They are sacred to me and it enrages me when I hear how people deceive each other.

Meanwhile, the weather upon landing was dire! It was grey and wet, but the descent was amazing. I wish I could have taken pictures. The sunrise was gorgeous. It gave the sky a lick of bright orange horizon, which turned to a lovely light blue, almost chasing away the dark purple of the night. I felt like an astronaut, watching the sun rise over the earth from outer space. And yes, I had a window seat.

Oh, and as the cliche would have it, a lady who had been sitting about two rows in front of me actually bought a wooden giraffe in South Africa. Can you believe it? Next thing I did was to start looking for flip flops with socks. No such luck.

I though I would give you a sneak preview of the some of the amazing things I saw in this amazing country. I really have so much to tell. Coming up, next time...


Mrs. T said...

Wow, that building is STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

Hate to disturb you. Is Thailand not in the Northern Hemisphere as well?

I am Megan said...

Hey Anon, you are not disturbing me at all!!!

I actually always thought that Thailand was in the southern hemisphere. Just shows you what I know. I think I will change the head to my first time in Europe...

Adrienne said...

Even though this is from [almost] a year ago, I jumped back to it because I'm going to Germany sometime in 2013 ! ! !


I shall have to go on and read all about it now :)

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