The evolution of Second Floor Living

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I was looking through the past photos of my blog and I realise that this space of mine has really grown in the last year or so. Seeing as this is still the month I am celebrating my first year of blogging, I thought I would give you guys a glimpse into the past.

B is for Banner

These are the banners I have had on my blog since the first day I had it, up until now. I designed each and every one myself. Which one is your favourite?

(yeah, not my proudest moment, but I did love this font!!)

And finally, the one we are seeing now!

But now, a new chapter is opening in my life, and we will be moving to our very first house soon (with a yard, haha).
Do you think I should change the name of my blog? Something more fitting to the new chapter in my life or should I stick with the one you have grown to know? (and love! yes, I'm that cheeky.)

I have started a poll on my facebook page to help me decide. Go check it out and vote!


Jenna said...

Your first banner is awesome! I never saw that one!

Will vote on facebook just now :)


Anonymous said...

Aw so fun I love them all! My little bloggy banner is about due for a makeover haha

Stephanie Shepherd said...

Look at all these different headers! I like the first one, probably because I'm partial to black and white. It's fun to switch things up on occasion! :)

Jessica said...

Oh I love these kinds of posts! So cool to see a blog evolve. (:

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