Guest post: Ashlee!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

To celebrate my one year of blogging, I lined up a few awesome people to guest post and to celebrate this milestone as well as the new year with me. First up is the most gorgeous Ashlee! She tells us a bit more about herself and what she would most like to achieve this year.  Read on!


Well, hello there. I’m Ashlee from And They Lived Happily Ever After!  I am so excited to meet all of Megan’s followers.  Isn’t her blog just fabulous?

If you can tear your eyes away from hers for a second, come take a minute and join me on my journey through this exciting, love-filled, health-crazed, exercise-obsessed, quite lovely life o’mine.

I post health recipes, workout tips, entertainment news, and stories of my life with this guy.

That’s my Naval Submarine Officer of a Husband.  He keeps my life exciting.

This year, I have one goal: Laugh More.  I read this article on how you should throw out resolutions because they are usually unfocused and unattainable.  They say to have an un-resolution: a word, that you can focus on and repeat to yourself everyday.  I liiiike it.  So, mine is Laugh. (I know, I threw in the More but who are you the unresolution police? Sheesh…ha.) I mean, when you say it to yourself, don’t you just think happy thoughts? I do.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

A normal day in the life of Ashlee looks like this:
615:Alarm goes off, Hit snooze button (just….can’t…..resist….)
630: Get out of bed
630-7: Quiet Time
7-8: Get Ready
8-830: Drive to Work
830-5: Lots of fun work as an Electrical Engineer, Be Jealous.;)
5-530:Head to Power Yoga
530-7: Power Yoga Goodness (Sweat!!!)
7-730: Finally head home
730-8: Eat Premade Dinner (I make my dinners on Sunday for the week!)
8-10: Shower, Blog, Talk with hubs, Watch TV, Clean Up Kitchen
10:Lights out! I’m an early to bed girl! The only bags I need are Coach bags!

The event that stood out the most from this past year was surviving my husband’s four month deployment.  Any submarine officer’s wife out there knows it’s a tough life.  I get emails about 20% of the time from him and the rest of the time there is silence.  Surviving any deployment is always a challenge but those four months was a doozy.  It is behind us now and we are absolutely stronger for it.  And just for the record, this is what it feels like when he comes home. And we live happily ever after….


Isn't she just a peach?! Now make sure to check out her blog! You won't be disappointed. 


Lipgloss Kisses said...

Fab post. I'm heading over to her blog right now. :) ♥

Mo Pie, Please said...

Wow, you are a disciplined lady, Ashlee! And what a beautiful bride :)

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