The truth about blogging: Part1

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

*Disclaimer – this post is my point of view. I am not aiming to offend anyone, but if you feel that I did or that it is untrue, please feel free to comment. *

It is a lonely world. I have learnt in my year of blogging that, despite the sense of community people can feel from Blogger or your chosen platform of expression, it is a very lonely place.

It is a very shallow place.

Why am I saying this? Well, let me explain. In my search for blogs to follow, I have found quite a few big ones, and by big I mean over a thousand followers, that I have kept up with throughout the year.

I have found that some of the bloggers are so committed to blogging and getting a significant following that they risk their personal relationships, they start letting go of friends to gain virtual ones.

I have experienced this in my own personal relationships, particularly with Flip, that this addiction (because, let’s face it, it is no less than that) has kept me from communicating with him. Instead of talking to him about things that are important I would get impatient and ask him to keep silent, even turn the volume of the TV down, so that I can concentrate on a virtual reality.

I try to change this and Flip understands that I sometimes need my blogging time, but I see that I need to prioritise. I need to find balance between gym time, TV time, blogging time, friends time and our time. (Right now, the TV is on, and I am typing this, because I can, Flip is still at work.)

On countless blogs, I have seen that the blogger is either talking about either their spouse or a parent. There is the odd number of bloggers who meet up with other bloggers and then becoming ‘best’ friends. I myself have made a great friend through blogging, and she is coming up tomorrow. But in some cases, these friends are up to 1 000 km away and the only way they can keep in touch is through social networking, very little personal networking involved.

My question is where are these bloggers real friends? Am I being naive here? Are they not posting about their friends on purpose? Perhaps to keep a measure of privacy? I know that I don’t blog about everything my friends and I do, because sometimes I feel that it is personal and should be kept between my friends and I, but I have mentioned and posted about them.

I believe that blogging should have its limits and that one shouldn’t compromise relationships to build virtual ones.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear it.


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

True words.. true true words.

Balance, it's no joke. I've really been working on it. I try to make a point to put the laptop away when the boy gets home from work (although weekends are a little different). I have also recently come to terms with the fact that I CAN'T respond to every comment, there's just no way... and I can't beat myself up for it. As far as my "real friends", I have lots of them.. and I post about them pretty regularly too. =P

Point is... I guess we all figure things out as we go, but personal relationships need to come first.


Jenna said...

I love this and couldn't agree with you more Megs - you are so right! {Not like we haven't talked about this before -ha!}

I recently also made the same choice as you did about prioritizing and I'm sticking to it. Although I'll always still also make for blogging - just not every day.

AND I made real life friends with you since I started blogging which is a wonderful thing :)

I get paid on Wednesday (woo hoo!) then lets do something - How was Hooters? I've been craving chicken wings ever since you mentioned it ;)


Shannon said...

Hi Megan, I am pretty new at this and being a working mom I am finding it very relaxing. So this is my "me" time and I just would like to say with my 31 followers,☺ you made my day on the 21st be leaving a simple and sweet comment. Soooo thank you!!


ps.. I do take note in what you have shared.☺

LBR said...

It is really no different than teenagers with there cell phones is it!? It seems like the trend in the blog world right now is figuring out this balance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know for me, I try to balance how much of my life I share on my blog, because I didn't start my blog to document all the ins and outs of my week. I started it to post my thoughts about things like my faith and it served more as a creative outlet for projects and what not. Perhaps some of the bloggers you're reading are doing the same?

I hate for the blog seem lonely rather than encouraging but I also get how it can sometimes feel like a high school cafeteria with some cliques and almost desperate attempts to gain followers :)

Again, thank you for sharing this!!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

very insightful post Megan, i hear you and it really resonates. again the word balance comes up and without question i've fallen short on that many times last year alone. Sean has almost shot daggers at my computer screen when i've gone on furious blogging bursts and spent countless hours commenting and so forth. this year it's gonna be different, i'm choosing to back away some more, give air to breath and enjoy the "real life" bits b/c they are so GOOD!

i love blogging and photo editing is beyond a passion but there has got to be a line drawn when it gets to the obsession realm. i don't think i've ever compromised relationships or really have been aware of others doing that. never really thought about it this way before. guess i just take everyone at their own style/nature and groove. it makes all blogs different at least, we gravitate to the ones who we feel comfy coz with and i can say yours is like that. you always have a very inviting way about you, i appreciate that a lot! can't always come by on the reg cos of life's circumstances but when i do i always get excited about the things i see. ♥

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