Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Blog!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year!
to all the lovelies who regularly read my blog and to the new people who have popped in recently!
I have once again been surprised by a couple of extra followers when I came back to the world of internet, after my New Year's break in the bushveld. And what a lovely time it was! (I will post about this a bit later this week)

I am not one for New Year's Resolutions, because I usually break them within the next few hours after making them, but I decided to put some effort in two resolutions.

I read in a Women's Health magazine recently that alcohol is reaaaally bad for you, that a single glass of margarita makes your liver work twice as hard on breaking it down and that all the other kilojoules in your body are immediately switched over to ugly fats that make your abdomen their permanent and flabby home. So to put it shorter, I have decided to stop drinking alcohol! Aah!

(We'll see how long that one lasts, maybe only till my housewarming)

I think that my next new year's resolution isn't the typical run-of-the-mill one, but I will aim to make myself a bit happier, and I will do this through working on my relationships with my friends, family and Flip. I promise to be less feisty, less bitchy and more understanding and loving.

Have you made any resolutions? What did you make?

Happy Birthday!
I also want to wish my little blog a whole happy birthday! The month of January is my blog's birthday month and this is it's first birthday. 

I can't believe that I have been blogging for one whole year already, and even though I don't have thousands of followers like the counterparts that started bloggin at the same time I did, I am happy and grateful for each and every one of you who read my blog and who pressed the follow button. I love it when I see an extra few e-mails in my gmail inbox, and all the caring comments and emails that are sent my way! Thank you so much! It is deeply appreciated! I read each and every one and I always try and reply to them, that is if your blog is linked to your e-mail...

To thank you, I have decided to
make this
a whole month

So, if you are interested in guest posting on this little blog of mine, please drop me an e-mail at

I look forward to hearing from you!


Valerie Griffin said...

What lovely blog you have! I'd be happy to do a guest post if you need me to!


Happy Birthday to your blog!

Jenna said...

Megan my love!

Glad you had a lovely New Years and Happy Birthday to your blog :) I would love to guest post for you sometime this month, as I really want to get back on top of my little blog before classes start in Feb as well! I would also love to button swap as soon as I have a few hours to devote to changing the layout etc.

We must meet up soon!


Hollie Ann said...

i love the birthday cake! looks fabulous! happy birthday bloggie :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and birthday to your darling blog! This is such a sweet post :)

Liz Brown said...

Another white blog! :P Just kidding.

I didnt know all that about design and everything ... it was an observation I made awhile back and have kept on noticing, lol.

Thanks for the expertise! Sounds like kind of interesting stuff to learn. Kinda like psychology :D

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