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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sticking with the one-year celebration of my blog, we have Tammy from Lemons, Avocados and the Bay. She has some really interesting reads, so take some time and stop by her lovely blog! 


My blog, is well.. all about me. I'm a 20-something girl living in San Diego. I can't get enough of the beach, and I love to take photos. My boyfriend makes me smile, and I'm lucky to have some incredible family and friends. I have a knack for fashion, want to travel the world, really enjoy exercising, and am always working on renovating our little beach bungalow. 

If I could achieve one thing this year it would strive to break be the very best version of me. I blogged about all of goals for 2012 here

On a typical day in my life, I wake up earlier than most people should.. 6:15am so I can get ready (cough, read blogs) until I have to leave for work. I work with kids who have pretty severe disabilities, and although I really really love my job, I spend lots of days dodging punches and kicks. Let me tell you, it can get draining. After work I come home for a bit, watch trash (read: reality) tv and then head to the gym. I really love to exercise and I'm a big boot camp, pilates, yoga, and zumba fan. Once I'm done working out I head home give the boyfriend a kiss, and we figure out dinner. Usualllly... we go out to eat because I'm not much of a cook, but everyone once I'll try to expand my cooking horizons. We spend the next few hours cuddled on the couch while I catch up on blogs and Nadav watches TV. Normally, I fall asleep on the couch way earlier than is necessary.

This past year we bought and renovated an old beach bungalow. It was one of the most wonderful, but difficult experiences of my life. You can learn more about our home renovations here

Andddd one last thing, I'm planning the Southern California Blogger Meetup that will be held in San Diego on February 4. Are you a SoCal local and want to meet some amazing lady bloggers? Read more about the event here


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Thanks for sharing your blog space with me today :)

Alexa said...

Ah such a cute post! :)

Ashley said...

love your goal about being the very best version of you.... get it girl! :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

thanks for swinging my blog!! thought i'd come see you too!

btw, sweet guest-poster. will be sure to check her out.

Marija said...

Love this post! So genuine!!

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