We all get by with a little help from our friends: how to link your blog with your e-mail

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear blog friends, lovely people who take their time and leave a comment, I thought I would help a few of you out in setting up your blog to link with your e-mail address. I have come across a few people who have left comments on my blog, with the sweetest and kindest words, and I would love to reply, just to say thank you or  write back a really long message.

But I have often found that some of these blogs are not linked up to their e-mail addresses, which besides from being frustrating, is a bit disappointing too, especially if I am so excited to reply to a message. So, I though I would show you guys how to: link your blog to your e-mail address.

Step 1: Log into blogger and look in the top right corner, it should say the name of your blog. Click on it to find the "Blogger Profile" option, then look at the top right corner again for a button that says "Edit Profile"

Step 2: Under the Privacy header, find the box that says "Show my e-mail address" and tick it.

This step makes your email public, which means that not only I, but all the other bloggers who's blogs you comment on can now reply!! YAY

Remember to save, and you are ready and set to go comment! Hoozah!


The Bluths said...

hey.. this is really good to know, i had NO idea!

i am so blogger illiterate...

i love yours by the way :)

The Pink Growl said...

Thanks for stopping by The Pink Growl last week. I love your blog - glad you found me! :) This is great advice too - and I think it's always good for a reminder.

Amira said...

Yesssss, thank you for sharing! I hate not being able to reply via email!

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