Seven questions

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whoa! Time for Seven Questions with Gentri Lee already? I have been quite busy the last few days, so I haven't really had the chance to really do blogposts this week. I swear I post other things than Seven Questions. But this week I am too excited about the questions and the answers that I am not going to skip it! 

First up, funny photo. My mom and I are enjoying a beer!

 1. What is your favorite color TO WEAR?
 Black. I know it's depressing, but it's a flattering colour.
I love a pretty black top and skinny jeans. 
It's my staple.

2. You are given the choice between visiting every country and landing on the moon. Which would you choose?
I would visit every country in the world. I have serious wanderlust and I can just imagine all the things I would be able to see. I don't care about war, crime and other scary things, I am just hungry for all the different cultures and experience I would pick up in all these countries.
My first and only overseas trip was Phuket. Mind the skimpy photo.

I want to go back every single day! But I know there is still lots more to see in the world. Besides, the moon is cold and desolate! And dark.

3. What's your favorite animal and why?

Mila is my favourite animal! DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY WHY?

4. You are forced to do one of the following, which would you choose? Sky dive, scuba dive, or this:

Yup, that's my mom! She also skydived. At 61. SUPERHUMAN

And I am way to scared of the dark and I have claustrophobia and I'm too scared of water etc to go scuba diving. Boatmen trying to be funny in Phuket threw some bananas in the water while I was snorkelling and the fish started nibbling at me. This furthered my fear of scuba diving.

But this looks pretty damn cool! I would never do it.

5. You are given the chance to go back in time. Which era would you visit?
The Roaring 20's! For my 21st, I had a great gatsby Picnic. Evidence.
Yeah, that wig. Doesn't do a single thing for me!

6. If you had the power to remove one thing (ie: flies, mosquitos, junk food) from the earth for good- what would it be?
I would love it if all animal abusers could just disappear off of the earth.
Along with hijackers.

7. What is one thing you've learned from Pinterest that made you think "GENIUS"! 
The decoration ideas I have gotten. I have really learned so much about my own personal decorating style in the last few months and just having a place to put my ideas for reference is beyond freaking genius.

You can check out my Pinterest over here.


kailyn marie said...

A Great Gatsby picnic sounds amazing! So jealous!

Alyx said...

DUDE. Your mom is SO HARDCORE!!!!
And your doggy is soooo cute!!

Amber said...

Found your blog through Gentri Lee's link party! Just wanted to say hi. :)

PS: Mila is pretty adorable. :)

Talia said...

100% with you on ridding the world of animal abusers. They make me incredibly angry!

So jealous you have been to Phuket! It's so beautiful!!

Gentri said...

I absolutely love every part of this! Such great answers and photos!

cathryn said...

I went sky diving too! What a THRILL!!! I found your blog through my good friend at Raising Miss Mommy! I'm your newest follower! Check out my blog if you want! :)

Being Brazen said...

Such great photos

Emma Frances said...

LOVE this! :] You look great in your 20s ensemble! And I love that your mom went skydiving too! So awesome! Your mom seems like a pretty cool person!

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