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Friday, March 23, 2012

Guys, I came across the story of this little pup on St Patrick's day, and I have been thinking whether I should post about it or not. I thought it was to cruel to show it to you guys, and to expose you to the evil in society. But then I came across this post, it gave me the courage to post about it. I warn you it isn't pretty.

This is Patrick, who was found at the bottom of a trash chute in a Newark housing complex by an employee. 

I promise you people, this dog is not dead. If you watch the video on youtube, they show him from another angle, and his eyes are open.
The Associated Humane Society was called in and Patrick was then rushed to Garden State Veterinary Specialists trauma unit. No one believed that this dog who weighed no more than 20 lbs., but should have been closer to 50 lbs. or more, would survive. After a blood transfusion, medical treatment and the doting attention of doctors and veterinary technicians, Patrick showed his determination to survive and has continued to beat the odds.

Hospital staffers, who named the dog because he was found the day before St. Patrick’s Day in 2011, have been reporting his progress on their website and facebook page that has brought fans from all around the world. Patrick has received hundreds of emails, donations, gifts and letters from those inspired by his survival.
Patrick has been inundated with adoption offers and although he has a long road to recovery, there is every indication that he will eventually be a happy and healthy dog.
To read more about The Patrick Miracle on facebook or to become a fan click here


To quote a song: Sorry to be heavy, but heavy is the cost.
Guys, please think about animals before hurting them.
They have absolutely no defense against us humans, who are stronger and bigger than them
If you see somebody not treating an animal right, tell them they they are inhumane and wrong.
Even better, help the animal out.



Katrin said...

sometimes miracles happen in this sad and sick world. i am so happy that patrick survived this torture. other animals were not that lucky. this world really makes me sick, so many terrible is so frustrating. sometimes i just feel so desperate because this will never change.

Jenna said...

Poor Patrick! This is heartbreaking, but I'm so glad he was saved and he looks like a completely different dog now!


Emma Frances said...

Wow. That is so sad! And definitely something that needs to be stopped! Thanks for sharing!

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