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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I love reading the really funny things Megan, over at Across the Pond, and her English now-husband come up with in conversation. It made me a little more attentive to things Flip say, because he always says the weirdest and funniest things. These are some of the very strange things that comes to mind.

{Our house is on a corner with two stop signs. One Sunday night I got a bit irate}
M: It's late, why are there so many cars driving past our house at this time?
F: They all went to buy McFlurries, my love. 

{While blowdrying my hair, my ring gets tangled in my hair, so I take it off. Enter Mila}
M: Baby, we nearly had to schedule an emergency operation with Mila's vet appointment this afternoon. She almost swallowed my ring.
F: Well, then you would have had to carry Mila on your finger all day.

{While preparing dinner}
M: The potatoes are ready, will you please mash them?
F: Mash. Mash. Mash. Mash. You can just call me Lionel Mashi.

{While on the topic of food, one evening I made boerewors}
F: Look what I found in my can of sweet corn. 
{Boerewors pieces sticking out of can}

{On Facebook}
My status: You know it's time for a haircut when your hair gets too heavy and it hurts when you put it in a bun. 
Flip comments: Don't you have food? Why are you putting your hair in a bun?


LaynahRose said...

Hahaha. I need to do a post like this! Boys are so funny

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

haha, this made me awkwardly laugh out loud :) xo

Jillian said...

Ha! Random...I love it.

Mrs FF said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha

You can accuse him of many thing but not that he doesn't have a good sense of humour :) :) :)

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