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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This weekend I watched Moonrise Kingdom for the first time, and while I am left a little more than confused, I still loved it. Wes Anderson is definitely one of my favourite directors, and I will definitely watch his movies over and over again. I cannot count the number of times I have watched The Royal Tennenbaums, one of my all time favourite movies, or Fantastic Mr Fox. 

This guys is nothing short of genius - this movie too. Although I think these kids are a bit crazy; I loved the young love that blossomed, the random gnome-like narrator, the director's trademarks and the dysfunctional family. Best!

What this movie did to me though, is give me the sudden urge to escape to a 16-mile island, with an old battery-operated record player, and camp. {Honeymoon hint Flip. And it should be a luxury tent.} Or, it could be fort in my own house.

I found some inspiration on Pinterest for my urge. Perhaps I will build a fort in my living room tonight. Flip and I usually love building a Christmas bed in front of the tv, especially if its too hot in our bedroom, as their is aircon in the living room. 


Jay said...

I really loved Moonrise Kingdom too. It's certainly quirky but so loveable. I really need to watch it again as I think some movies have so many neat elements that you can't possibly take it all in at once -this is one of those!

helen said...

moonrise kingdom was so dreamy! your inspiration photos are just as dreamy! lovee the tents :)

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