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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have noticed that as soon as you reach a certain age in your life - particularly in your twenties - that people always make the assumption that you are pregnant when you say you are nauseous. That's the first thing they jump too. Why is this?

Truth is, I had low blood sugar, because I didn't eat enough breakfast this morning (eet jou pappies!) and also didn't feel like eating my store-bought sandwich, as it {after buying and opening it - and not reading the label} had mustard seeds and gherkins on it. Yuck. So I was left in my dizzying state of nausea and complained to my friends, with a few people overhearring - everyone's first reaction was - oh my goodness are you pregnant? No!

I'm still not ready for kids by a long haul. Even if they are damn cute.

Speaking of children, my canine-child Mila gave me a heart failure on Saturday. I though she was stolen and was hysterically ugly crying in the car, when I was actually supposed to keep my eyes open and search for her. I apologise to the SPCA guy who I cursed and called an idiot.

Turns out that, while we were away from home, Miss Mila had greeted the neighbours over our six feet wall, as she always does. A thunderstorm was brewing, and while greeting them, a huge thunderclap struck. Apparently staffies fear thunder. All my staffies have. She jumped the fence and was chilling, cozily,  with them the entire afternoon.

I swear, I would probably still be ugly hysterical crying if I didn't find her.

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The Pink Growl said...

It annoys me how people always ask that when you have an upset stomach! Maybe that's just me being bitchy? haha

Christine Henriques said...

So true! Love your blog - your photos are gorgeous!
x Christine

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Haha, so true Meg!! Try going to a wedding and NOT drinking as much as everyone else - unheard of and definitely means you are preggo!

I'm already getting it now with Baby Number 2 and there are bets on when I will fall pregnant... sad!

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