The Mother City

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I spent this weekend in good old Cape Town, the first time in 13 years. I was there last on a school tour. My verdict: meh. As an adult, I took in a lot more as an ignorant and wide eyed child - and I might get a lot of hate for this- but I prefer Joburg.

To me, it always feels like there is an eternal fight between the two cities; creativity wise mostly. And I have had this mad desire to move there because all the lifestyle magazine are based there and the picture that was sold via the internet, blogging etc was just sublime! But I hated the traffic, and the wind!

This is also probably every Gautenger's - or Valie's - complaint about the Mother City. Seriously, you guys down there cannot drive! That urban legend that the Cape is so chilled out and that everyone drives like they are on sabbatical, so true! I think everyone smokes fynbos down there.

Anyway, it wasn't just all complaints! I love the Western Cape {I wasn't in CT CBD itself - combination of traffic and people driving to slow that just kept me away} and would visit it much, much more now. But live there? You can keep your mountain. haha

More posts to come this week.

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Mrs FF said...

You are not alone, I find that I only like the fact that I can see the table mountain almost anywhere from the City, other than that I would rather be in the outskirts - the winelands (not for reasons you think, I'm a complete teetotaller) the view for me is to die for and the ambience just the best for getting a good undisturbed rest :) :)

Ps: I find Joburg slow as it is, so imagine my thoughts on the mother city :) :)

Kierryn Harris said...

I totally agree, I'm not Cape Town's biggest fan. The place is ok if I'm on holiday and all I have to do is sit on a beach and drink wine, but I wouldn't ever be able to live down there. I love Joburg! I love the vibe, the pace, the interesting people. Its where my heart it :)

Sue said...

Hey guys,

As the only Capie to comment here, I have to say that I really couldn't imagine living anywhere else! Between the beaches and the mountains, the wine farms and fishing spots, the outdoor life here is great. Don't get me wrong, you guys have AMAZING game reserves up your way, but Jhb itself is just an average city, much like Cape Town and it depends who you're with that makes it special.

In defence of Cape Town, I love the fresh air we have here! I love the wind that blows the smog away and that cools us down on our hot sunny days. I love the beaches and, yes, I love our iconic mountain. I hate shopping (sorry, girls, I know I'm abnormal!) and I love that our lifestyle is so focused on the outdoors. I know you guys don't sit like hermits at home, just saying.

I wouldn't live in the center of any city - I'm pretty sure you girls wouldn't live in central Jhb either. I wouldn't even work in central CT. Traffic is awful and I have to agree, most Capetonians don't have a clue how to drive, especially when it rains!!

Home is where the heart is and it doesn't really matter where you are, it's about who you're with. Long as you're happy!!

Love Sue XXX

Megan said...

You are being so nice Sue, not a lot of people would be so nice if bad things are being said about their city.

I wasn't in the CBD though, I was just in Milnerton, Blouberg, Melkbos, Belville and Tyger Valley, along with the wine route roads of Belville.

Oh, I also hate shopping, I try and keep it to a minimum and always seek out the nature related things in the Transvaal over weekends. By the way, you guys in CT don't have malls! The only one I could find was the Bay Mall, right name?

In that aspect I am spoilt by Joburg. But as I said, I would visit CT any day!

Kirsty Rox Wilde said...

I love Cape Town, but i hate the wind so much that I couldn't live there, I have a major soft spot for jhb, I think its our amazing weather and thunderstorms, not to mention the people, I love JHB people the most :) And this is all coming from someone who spent half of her life in Natal

his little lady said...

Can't wait to see more posts about your adventures. Although you may not be a big fan of it, this picture is beautiful!
xo TJ

emi said...

i want to go to south africa so badly! can't wait to stalk your blog and read all about it! XO

Sue said...

Hey Megan,

Thanks for the reply. I'm not polite, just open minded and we really all do love "home". Cape Town will always be my favourite city.

You were around the corner! I live in Edgemead, which is really close to Milnerton. As for shopping, well, it covers the essentials. Canal Walk is HUGE and I hate going there - wish I could do all my shopping online ;o)

And to Emi - CAPE TOWN IS GORGEOUS! Come and visit! Visit Jo'burg too and then come tell us which is your favourite!!


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