If you really knew me...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Man, I have to be honest, when I first started seeing these posts spreading across the blogosphere like a field on fire, I was one of the mice who tried running away from it. But in recent days a few things sprung up in my head that I wanted to share, just random every day things. And now it has found form in this 'If you really knew me..' post. Bleh.

So, if you really knew me:

~ You'd know that I barely ever wear jewellery. If I put it on, you know I'm glamming it up.

~ You'd know that I have a scar on my shoulder of which I am very self-conscious of, and that because of this, I rarely wear short/no sleeves.

~ You'd know that when people ask me why I have the scar, I tell them that I was shot in a mugging, as I have a similar - but smaller - scar on the exact same spot on my chest. But you would also know that it was actually two malignant moles that had to be removed.

~ You'd know that I love snakes! And any reptile for that matter. But bring a cricket close to me, and you'll get a whole different story. My fear started after an ugly mother of a mole cricket jumped into my shirt once, and I couldn't get it out! Shit scary stuff.

~ Also, you'd know better than to leave me in a dark room all by myself. Or to switch off the lights in the house when I'm alone somewhere. Want to hear a banshee scream? Then switch off those lights.
Turning off a light by myself also makes me run, real fast. It kinda looks something like this.

~ You'd know that my two dogs, Mila and Jethro, are really my children. I speak to them as Mommy {ha, this is so much weirder when I write it down} and when people come and visit I tell my pups to say hullo to auntie-so and uncle-such.

~ You'd, unfortunately, know that as much as I can be nice and loving and caring, I can also be double that in my bitchiness. Worst is, that I don't always realise that I am being a bitch. 

~ You'd know that I am getting married to my best friend in 199 days. That's 6 months and 15 days from now. 

~You'd know that I am almost blind without my glasses - night blind too - and when I forget my glasses at home, and have to drive home after dark - I use the car in front of me's lights as guidance.

~ You'd know that I like a good bottle of whiskey, wine and a good bout of curse words.

~You'd know that I hate to have my feet covered when I sleep. Hate it.

~ You'd know that I love sticking my fingers in other people's food and picking the yummy stuff. But that I hate it when people do it to me. 

~ Do you know me better now? Good. haha ~


Charlene Smith said...

Love the post!

Mrs FF said...

Interesting!!!! And yes I did learn a lot about you!!!!

In the interest of sharing, I have to say I don't do reptiles of any kind!!!

Jillian said...

I felt the same way about these posts. But it was so much fun learning new/quirky/personal/entertaining things about other bloggers that I did one as well. Why not, right?

I'm so with you on the feet being covered. Hate it.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Haha, some funny but always interesting facts :)
Ditto on the covered feet in bed!!

Gia said...

I loved this,
Double ditto on the feet thing.

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