{DIY} Make your own succulent terrarium

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lately, I've noticed some gorgeous potted succulents at Woolworths, but I had a problem with the price. You see, they retail for R100 each, and I am a bit of a stinge, a cheapskate if you will, and I wasn't willing to pay that sort of money for something my garden is already overflowing with. So I decided to DIY it up. Gardening is something I'm really good at, so I'm sharing that for the second day of the SOML challenge.

{PS; the little plant in the pot above is colloquially referred to as Shrek's Ears. Cute eh?}

To make your own terrarium, you will need: 

- Glass vases or holders of different shapes and sizes. I got mine from Mr Price for R10 each.
- Sea sand, or silica sand as I used.
- White pebbles. You can use the marble chips that they put in the bottom of an aquarium.
- Succulents. duh.

First fill up all your glass containers with the sand. I got this bag of washed silica sand for R32 at my local nursery. If you want to add a different aspect to it, layer the sand with another colour, texture or size.

 Your next step would be to choose your succulents. Here I have a variety, including a cactus, a South African indigenous plant called Haworthia, a Sedum rubrotinctum aka 'jelly beans', hens and chicks  and something called Faucaria tuberculosa aka 'dragon.'

The last step is to plant the succulent by litteraly sticking your finger in the sand and sticking the plant in the cavity made. Or, you could hold the plant at the height you would like it, and scoop in sand until steady. Cover the silica sand with a layer of the white pebbles. Et Voila.

Sidenote: I didn't use the white pebbles, as they were crazy expensive. Instead I got a cheaper brown pebble, which I am regretting a bit, as it doesn't give as much contrast as I would like.


Shannon Olson said...

I love this idea! I can't wait to try it, so simple but looks really nice!

Catriona Munnik said...

So cool! I want to make this for my hubbys office! I'm pinning this :)

Tereza said...

these are way to cute!!!

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