Happiness is to enjoy the things you have

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before you read what I am about to tell you below, you must first play this song and let it play throughout. 
It will all make sense, don't worry. 


Lately, I have been thinking about the things that make me happy, and I realised that it really is the little things in life. The fact that I have two pups who cannot wait for me to arrive home in the afternoon and that it takes almost half an hour to calm them down. Or that they love to jump in my car and take a ride with me while I drive into the garage.

It's the fact that I am still healthy, despite everyone around me being sick.
Take that winter. Mothersucker!
And no, I'm not jinxing myself, because I got a flu shot. 

Moving swiftly along, I made a little list of things that made me really happy yesterday, in order from little happiness to most happiness. I hope you understood that.

Things that make me slightly happy:

Taking the piss at Amanda Bynes and then having her favourite the the tweet I wrote about her, le so:

Yeah, I have to admit, I'm not so sure about my grammar there. But now you have reason to follow me on twitter. 

Everyone has been talking about her crazy antics, especially yesterday when she lashed out in racist tweets at Rihanna. But do you thin her twitter account is real? It's not certified. I wonder.

Things that make me really happy:

There is roughly four months left until the day I say I do. Side note: I am a bit sad about changing my surname. I'm thinking about keeping it for my professional life.
Things that make me so freaking happy that I am lyrically ecstatic:

The fact that I didn't gym last week, and that I ate like a pig - especially in my traumatic stupor at the Frankfurt Airport (read here if you want to know more about that). I mean, there were real German pretzels and nutella covered wafers in the slow lounge and I didn't hold back, I probably ate those wafers by the hundreds. I was an emotional wreck. I have also now come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, an emotional eater.

Anyway, getting back to my point, despite my sloth and glutton, I managed to maintain my weight loss. This only brings me to the conclusion that I lost more weight and then picked it up again, because I acted like a fool. This makes me so happy, because it means I don't have more weight to lose, although I still have weight to lose to look great on my wedding day. 

Did this make sense? Only in my mind? Okay.

And then, the reason for the song - the other thing that makes me so happy at the moment, and almost every day of my life is music - in particular anything by Jonsi or Sigur Ros.

What makes you happy? Leave me a comment.


Jillian said...

LOVE that she favorited your tweet! Too funny.

helen said...

love this. you are hilarious. and cheers to 4 more months till your big day!!! so excited for you!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Have you seen the mean tweets segment on jimmy kimmel? It is the funniest!

Marlize Liebenberg said...

HA! she obviously has a sense of humour at least :)

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