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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Besides loving the life out of Flip and dogs, in particular staffies, I have a third passion – music. I probably cannot say that music is my thing, because I still cannot play the guitar – besides Free Falling by Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks, and I for sure cannot play piano, except for Colourblind by The Counting Crows. I dabbled a bit in the learning to play the harmonica, but that never went further than How Great Thou Art and a departed friend tried to teach me a few chords on the violin, but they all failed, miserably. So I cannot claim music as mine.

But I do. I am obsessed with music, I am obsessed with listening, and at one stage, I even had the chance to interview some of South Africa’s up-and-coming artists. I’ve always thought of myself as a music aficionado and thought that I would eventually end up working for a magazine such as Rolling Stone or NME. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that music is my everything, the listening part of it, and thus, choosing the music for our wedding day – our most important day – was almost more important to me than anything else.

It took me months of compiling, changing, putting back on, deleting other songs and so forth before I came up with the final mix that played during the reception. I gave our DJ a memory stick with 4 GB worth of music, so I can’t share every single song that played here, but I will share the most important ones and the story behind it.

Bridesmaids’ entry – I run to you – Lady Antebellum

My reasoning behind this was that Flip will be the one I run to in good times and in bad. He will be my beacon. It was a tad prophetic, as apparently, I walked down the aisle very very very fast. 

The Song I walked down the aisle on – The Wedding Song – Matthew Mole

This guy, from Vishoek, somewhere in South Africa, made headlines when he debuted at Nr 1 on iTunes. And I was intrigued by his music. But when I heard The Wedding Song, I started crying.

He sings about how God should be present in your union with your life partner and how you should not forget that you are on this path because of Jesus, that planned it long before you even knew who you would marry.

Exchanging of Rings – To Build a Home- The Cinematic Orchestra

Oh man, this song is just heart wrenching! I just love it. The other day we were watching Step Up 4 for the first time and here this song starts playing. I started crying as I remembered us exchanging our rings.

(I didn’t, however, find this song on that commercial dance franchise crap.)

The guest left the chapel on First Day ofMy Life by Bright Eyes, which was also while we were signing the register. And Flip and I left the chapel on You are the Best Thing by Ray La Montagne because it is just such a great feel good song.

That was the music for the ceremony. Tomorrow, I will share the reception music, otherwise, this will turn out into one helluva long post.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I still do. 

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Brooke Hamilton said...

We entered into our reception to "you are the best thing"! I love that song too, and it just fit perfectly for our entrance! It seems like we have similar tastes in music

Kate M said...

Lovley song, you look stunning!
Gorgeous dress
Have an amazing day sweetie,
Lots of love,
Kate xo


Granted said...

Wow. 4mb of music.... must have been one and a half song at least! Hahahaha!

Fash Boulevard said...

Such great choices, love. Justin and I really took our time picking the perfect songs too. Super important. I'm hosting a handbag giveaway on the blog today. If you get a sec, I'd love if you could enter. :) Thanks, love. xo


Jade Wright said...

Love love love Free Falling by Tom Petty.. awesome that you can play it on the guitar! Your one step to get there!

You had an interview with SA's up and coming artists?? HOW?? Your South African?? Me too!!

Have I commented on your blog before?? I think this is the first time I'm finding yours - I think??

Thanks for the comment.. really awesome blog! xxx

Following! xx


Megan said...

Ag Garth, expect my brother to see the the mistakes! It was four gigs. Not four megs.

Sue said...

FINALLY!! Some wedding pictures. You look stunning and I can't wait for the reception photos XXX

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