When mothers go crazy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I mentioned this on my bucket list, but I haven't posted about yet and thought that today would be a great opportunity to tell you about the day my mom decided to jump out of a plane.

That's my mom in the green suit

It's a bit of a soppy story, really. A guy I have dated for a year decided to dump me out of the blue. I was shattered, as any young person terribly in love would be. It was my right. Like most broken hearts, I was sad. I didn't, or rather couldn't eat, which was awesome, because I was probably the skinniest I have ever been in my life, however, these photos were taken before the drastic weight loss began. I didn't want to interact socially, that was too much. Let's just cut it short and say I didn't do much but sulk and cry.

And then one day, my mom came up with this brilliant recipe for a broken heart:

  1. Take one mom.
  2. Take one daughter.
  3. Put them on a plane with guys strapped to their backs.
  4. Jump.

And that is how my mom and I ended up skydiving. It was her way to give me that adrenaline rush, to shake me up. It was the scariest experience in my life and I will probably never do it again, except if I convince Flip to jump with me. It also hurt pretty much. I couldn't recalibrate like most other people do, and had to lie on the ground for almost an hour, with a headache, nausea and earache. (And I was waiting for my jump-dvd to be written. And maybe the symptoms were as a result of the slight hangover I had from the night before, my friends thought we should do a pre-jump celebration, in case I died.)

But was it a rush? YES!
Was it a thrill? YES!
Would I recommend it to anyone? OH HELL YEAH!

I believe it's one of those things that every person should at least experience once in their lives. So, if you have been thinking about doing something crazy like skydiving, then make your appointment!  It's something I will never regret.

Oh, and did I mention that my mother was a ripe 61 when she jumped? So, don't ever use the excuse that you are too old to do anything!

Touchdown! Oh my life, I love the ground

And here comes my mother!


Gentri said...

You are very brave. :) That is one thing I know i will never do. I'm such a baby.

Haley K said...

that is awesome!! I'm so sorry your heart was broken...but i loved reading about how your super mom came to the rescue! I know I would have to be pushed out of the plane if I ever did it...but I hope to some day!!

I am Megan said...

Gentri, I think braveness was trumped by stupidity! It was utterly stupid of me to do it, it's utterly stupid for anyone to do it, to put your life at risk like that. But it's awesome!

Super moms are the best, right Haley?

Laura Nelson said...

Wow, how fun & scary! :) Your mom sounds pretty cool :)

Johlet said...

Also one thing I still want to do, but Cedric will die!

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