Emotional deathtrap ride

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As much as I would love to say that this is a new thrill ride at the local theme park that I tried over the weekend and took a thousand photos of, to write about, you know, it isn’t. It’s just every day life lately.

To start, I would like to thank the people who choose to come to work in their best “I’m about to die, I’m so ill” suit. Thanks honey for giving me this debilitating cold. I had a great weekend, trying to breathe through my nose while I sleep, trying to walk from the living room to the bathroom without feeling like I just ran a 500 km marathon, trying to eat, as my appetite has totally forgotten that I exist.

Oh yes, and one last thing. Thanks for making me ill, because you are to damn stubborn to go to the doctor and sit around work until you get booked off, so you can go and recover so nicely. This is also now keeping me from the gym, which makes me even grumpier than I normally am. Thanks.

Part of this thrill deathtrap ride is the inexplicable tears. What the hell? I took pride in the fact that I was such a badass made-of-armadillo-scales-and-elephant-skin at school. I think I cried twice. Now, if you just look at me funny, I cry. Puppy on tv? Tears. Baptisms? Tears. Weddings? Tears. A funny joke? Tears. This is getting too much.

Right now, I can make Statler and Waldorf look like the two nicest people on earth.

I hope it’s just year-end stress that’s getting to me. Can the holidays not come any sooner?

Do you have year-end anxiety? How do you deal?


helen said...

aw, i hope you feel better soon!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh yikes! I always hated when people came to work sick when I worked in an office. Hope you feel better soon!

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