Owning a Golden Retriever

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

 After writing about what it is like to own a staffie, I thought it would be great to expand this and focus on other breeds as well. SFL rounded up a few other bloggers to tell us about what it is like to own their dog. This will be a weekly feature, each week showing a different breed.

Hello SFL readers! I'm Danielle, the blogger behind Taking Notes...Coast to CoastMegan asked me to share with you a little of what life is like living with a Golden Retriever. You see, I own the WORLD'S CUTEST PUP! So he's pretty easy to gush about :) Without further ado, meet Huckleberry!

Huckleberry is my one year old fur baby, full of snuggles and wet nosed kisses. My husband and I got him when he was only 8 weeks old, so basically he's like our child. 

There is a reason Golden Retrievers are the 4th most popular dog in North America. First off, these dogs are lovers to their core. If you don't want a little shadow follow you around from room to room, a Golden may not be the breed for you. When I walk into the kitchen, the soft thud of his padded feet is right behind me. When I go outside to do yard work, he's never more than a few steps away. And when I swing the bathroom door open after a long shower, there's his sweet little face staring up at me. Golden's don't simply like people, they need to be near you to live a happy life.

Not only are Golden's lovers, but also they are also extremely gentle, making them great around young children and other small animals.

Thirdly, Golden's have a lot of energy. They are called Retrievers because, well, they love to retrieve! Huck loves to run, play tug-of-war, and demolish all the sticks in our yard. He's a busy body who can go from sun up to sun down. Yet, on the flip side of that, Golden's also have a very eager-to-please demeanor, making them an easy breed to train! You can read some of Huck's favorite tricks here!

Overall, Goden Retrievers are loving, gentle, social, active dogs that make great family pets! Having Huckleberry has truly changed my life! He constantly keeps me and my husband laughing and he somehow knows how to make the stress from a terrible day melt away with simply the happy grin on his face and feverish wagging of his tail. And, well there is just something about this pup that makes me want to be a better person --that's how I know Huckleberry was the perfect match for me.

To read some of my favorite post about Huckleberry and his own series entitled Love, Huck click here!


k8te said...

aww that huck is such a cutie! we had a golden growing up, and you're right they are total lovers...the sweetest dogs!

lesley: the dream tree said...

i love goldens. i have a lab and they are so much alike. huck is so adorable and i just want to squeeze his cute face and kiss his nose!

helen said...

SO sweet!!! golden retrievers have always been one of my favorite breeds :)

Matt and Leah said...

Love this feature! I can't wait to get a second BIG dog someday, although I love my little guy for now. And I have to say my half mini Pinscher isn't timid or shaking all the time like you mention in your about me ;)

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