On being alone

Monday, November 5, 2012

I have never like the idea of being on my own. Perhaps it has to do with my, now dissipated, love for horror movies, particularly the Paranormal Activity series. But my fear of being alone isn't solely to blame on films, but rather the fact that I simply cannot be left with my own thoughts, it tears me apart.

This sounds more psycho than it is intended to be, but I mean it in a good sense. I love to talk, I love to share what I'm thinking. It's the feedback that thrills me, hearing what other people have to say about certain things, listening to stories about their day, their likes and dislikes, all those little things that intrigue them on a day-to-day basis.

Time has now passed, and I'm not alone anymore, but this past week Flip had to be in Cape Town for a business trip, and I could not accompany him, as I had no annual leave left. However, the whole loneliness thing wasn't all that bad. Besides now having had more space in the bed for the dogs and myself {haha, poor Flip never gets any space}, I also made a few observations of things I did on my own.

1. I listened to my type of music {which Flip loves to shoot down} as loud as I wanted to, without being phased. I do that when he is home anyway.

2. Bubblebaths. Those things are pretty awesome and I haven't had one in years. Not because I can't when Flip is around. But I'm actually allergic to soap and I hate baths, but I decided what the heck. I'll just grin and bear this one. Also, the fact that it brings me much entertainment in the form of my dogs trying to get into the tub, but also being too scared of the water was hilarious. And watching their heads tilt from one side to the other as I blew bubbles at them was just priceless. Perhaps bubblebaths can stay?

3. Going out with old friends. Mutual friends of Flip and myself, I must add. This is a bit bittersweet. I love going out with friends, but I also love sneaking a smooch from the beau every now and again. And he pays for my drinks. Whaaat?

4. Getting to appreciate what you really have. There is seriously nothing that can make sparks fly like time apart. You know that saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder? Absolutely true. I believe that having a bit of distance from each other can sometimes be a great healer to a relationship, even a very healthy one.

5. Having more time in the gym.{who am I kidding, I didn't gym when Flip wasn't here. I'm afraid of the dark, and can't bare getting home after it.}

6. I had to cook for myself. It sucked.

But no we are one big happy family again.
 Gotcha! I'm kidding,

This was taken yesterday at this cute baba's Christening, where I got a bit teary eyed.

It's Flip's brother's baby Andrea.


Johlet said...

I love bubble baths!

Melissa Blake said...

Yayyy for listening to your fave music! :)

helen said...

you are so funny....especially with that picture. so cute. i totally understand where you're coming from re: loving to be around people, their stories, etc. extroverts unite!

Pascale said...

oh i fully relate to this , especially having the man pay for drinks, hehe. Nights are so much more costly when we can't bring our human credit cards. haha!
But I agree entirely, a few days apart can do wonders for even the healthiest happiest relationship...

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