No-bake chocolate eclair dessert

Friday, November 23, 2012

My aunt sent me this recipe in an email yesterday and I couldn't resist sharing it. Mmm, my birthday is around the corner, perhaps I should serve this as the pudding? Or perhaps for Christmas lunch?

You will need:
1 x packet of Tennis Biscuits
1 x box of instant vanilla pudding
1 x box of Orley Whip (my aunt said that she would prefer using real cream)
(this recipe didn't come with any measurements, so this are all guesses)

Firstly, pack a layer of tennis biscuits in a pan. Mix the cream and instant vanilla pudding, and layer this on top of the cookies. Continue with this method until the cookies or filling is finished.

Now, boil the cocoa, milk, butter and vanilla together to make a nice chocolatey icing. Pour this over the layers of biscuits and cream.

Pop it in the fridge and resist the seduction until the next day.


Picture from Claremont Road

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