Vovo Telo Bedfordview

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Over the weekend, we were too lazy to cook food, or go and buy groceries. Also, I was a bit ill and didn't have an appetite, so we headed out to town in search for some grub and dropped in at quaint little bakery/coffeeshop Vovo Telo, only a few kilometres from our house.

I had a macchiato, in which I accidentally poured sweetener - it already had sugar in, while Flip had a humble old Coke. We both had poached eggs on a slice of rye toast. It was delicious. The shop also had freshly baked pastries that I would have eaten in an instant if I had not been ill. To sum it up, it was great! Enjoy a few photos from our visit, and if you ever see one, pop in! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

My favourite part about this Vovo Telo was all the bunnies. The shop manager told me that it wasn't just for Easter, but it was part of the shop's look and feel. I'm obsessed with bunnies! She also told me that the wire ones pictured below was bought from a street vendor close by. She lamented that wire art might disappear after a few years, but I think it's here to stay.


Julye said...

this place looks so nice!!!

kristyn said...

omg how adorable! everything looks delicious :) i love little eateries like this. ps haha the lady at the other table in one of the pics is looking at you like "don't take my picture." too funny! hey, it's all for the shot :)


jessica {creative index} said...

cute place! those pastries look amazing and i love the logo too!

Anonymous said...

Vovo Telo is awesome! My new favourite favourite. Was introduced to the chain a year ago an love it. Awesome food and atmosphere!

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