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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello. My name is Megan. I live in South Africa. I usually love it here, with the great weather and all.
But today, I hate it.

Last night I didn't sleep. I was listening to every noise - analysing and suspecting - every sigh the dogs made, every tummy rumble from Flip  or myself, every car that drove past our house, even the earthquake that shook the east and south of Johannesburg last night.

Last night I asked Flip to shoot any intruder in the face with his paintball gun {I don't believe in guns or the associated violence with it, I hate it, but this was necessary}. I asked him to shoot them in their balls and keep on shooting until they are lying on the floor, writhing in pain. I wish I could actually physically harm some people right now. 

Last night, I was terrified. 


Yesterday, just before 12 noon, I got a call from Flip, telling me that people are currently breaking into our house, and have tied up our cleaning lady, taking all our possessions. I was frantic. I jumped in my car and drove like a maniac to our house, not stopping at any stop signs, or red lights, driving like an inconsiderate heck. But I didn't care. All I could think about was whether our cleaning lady, Bettie, and our dogs were still alive.

Break-ins in our country are not like the well-planned things you see in movies. They are violent, malicious, intense. We often read in the newspapers about break-ins, where the domestic was raped, tied up, burned with an iron, smothered, stabbed and so forth. I already phoned the police before I left the office, but on the way there I was thinking what if...

What if these barbarians were still in my house when I arrived? Would I ram into their car? Would I drive over the people while they were carrying out my stuff? I though that I had some glass bottles in the boot, would I break one and stab them? What if they were armed?


Luckily, none of this was the case. Bettie was vigilant and saw the robbers drive past our house a few times. She phoned Flip's parents and said that something was up. The security arrived at the scene not long after the call. The police was quick on the scene and extremely helpful -  a very rare occasion in our country. Thank you Primrose Police Station for your great service.

However, they did jump over our wall - with electric fencing - and was on our property. They knocked at the doors and tried to get inside the house. The police found bags and wires - things they would have used to tie Bettie up. 

We also found that all the electric wiring of our alarm system had been ripped out. What if they came back? 


Even though I am extremely grateful that nothing bad happened and that all was fine, I am enraged.
Why do people think that they can come onto your property and take your things?
Things you have worked very hard for?

How fucking arrogant must you be!

Last year this time they hijacked Flip in our driveway. Thank God no harm came to him then.
Thank God no harm came to Bettie and our dogs. But when will this end?
Our country is in serious dire straits. And its making me livid.


Jay said...

Oh I'm so sorry Megan! I'm glad to hear that everyone is all right but so sorry that you have to know the fear of not being safe. I can easily say that after our robberies, that was the most difficult part for me. I hated the uneasiness and I hated that I was skeptical of everyone.

Thinking of you.

Allie said...

Wow. Thank you for telling such an honest and horrifying story! I am so sorry for what you guys had to go through. Thinking of you guys!

Sue said...

That's so hectic and it is one of my biggest fears. I don't care about my material posessions - I'll put them in a box for would-be-burglars - just please don't come into my home while we're there. I think being a single parent has made me more paranoid and when I found a man's footprints in my garden in October, I moved out and in with my parents for 2 months. I had Spanish bars put up and now live in a prison - slam locks on all doors, burglar bars on all windows, burglar alarm, palisade fence, spikes on the walls and a dog. Even though I live this way, I still love our country. I just don't like the way people have to live.

Thanksf or sharing this link - I also want to add it to my blog.

Sue X

Temporary:Secretary said...

I'm so sorry to hear that this happened, it sounds absolutely terrifying but you dealt with it quick and efficiently with help from police. Stay safe and hope the anxiety will ease away soon. xxx

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh no Meg, I am so sorry! Although I am so glad that you are all safe! I hope and pray every day that things will change in our country and as bad as our crime is, i have realized that the grass is never greener although sometimes safer...

I love our beautiful country and we would never like to leave so all we can do is be vigilant and try to be the safest we can possibly be.

Thinking of you and I hope and pray that you can feel safe again soon.

helen said...

meg, i am so sorry this happened to you and flip and bettie. that is so intensely scary. i am praying for you guys. please be careful, as much as you can!

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