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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

 This game is quite a dangerous to play for me. The last time I played it, I accidentally pressed my leg against a scathing hot steel fireplace and got a nice blister from it. Luckily, I was a bit unaware of what I was doing, if you get where I am going here, so I didn't hurt too much. It did burn the next day though. And despite only rubbing some cream that's meant for the rashes on a baby's bum on the wound, it healed pretty well.

All I'm saying, is that Have you Ever is not a game I would play on family game night.

But, then, this morning, I saw that Odette form O So Inspired! had a pretty safe and fun Have you Ever post, so I decided to nab it from her and answer the questions myself. Happy Hump Day people!

Have you ever...

1. Been pulled over?
Yes, a number of times. But I always find a way of sweet talking out of it. Not bribe, I'm not corrupt. But one evening I had a few tequilas and was driving {sorry guys} and talked my way out of a fine, even when the breathalyser said I wasn't entirely capable. I also talked my way out of an expired licence and not having my car impounded and a couple of speeding fines.

2. Plucked your eyebrows?
Yes, once or twice, but it hurt so much that I squealed! I don't do it often, maybe once a year.

3. Pulled an all-nighter?
Perhaps more than one.

4. Baked a cake?
Yes, when I was still in school. I loved baking, all the time and gingerbread cookies were my favourite! But I stopped, I find it boring and time consuming.

5. Fallen down in public?
Hello, do you have any idea who's blog you are reading right now? The falling-down-in-public-is-my-sport-yes-I-could-have-won-gold-by-now blogger.

6. Been caught making out?
All the time. I don't care about PDA.

7. Taken a pregnancy test?

8. Broken a bone?
Yes, both my arms at the same time. But I only realised two weeks after the first cast was put on that my other arm was also broken. So I had one blue and one white cast. And one teacher told me that I was faking it.

9. Had braces?
Yes, from grade 8 to grade 12. Day after my birthday in grade 8, until the day before my last exam in matric. I even had braces in my matric dance photos.

10. Gone skinny dipping?
Yes, lots! I remember one particular one where my friend and I skinny dipped in my aunt's pool. haha

11. Made a prank call?
No, because it's silly. I have been told I have no sense of humour.

12. Screamed during a scary movie?
Maybe. Once or twice. Okay, three times.

13. Gone out without underwear?
 Yes, but this usually has a very embarrassing tail to it, so I'm not going into details.

14. Been arrested?

15. Opened Christmas presents early?
Yes, as children my brother and I were experts at finding where my parents hid our presents. This was Odette's answer, but it suited so perfectly well

16. Been in the hospital?
Only when I was three to remove my tonsils and that was only during the day. I'd be so scared if I ever have to stay overnight in one. Same situation as above, but I think I was grade two

17. Had food come out your nose?
Milk, all the time. When I still used to drink it. Especially if someone made me laugh, then food will come through my nose.

18. Toilet papered someone's house?
I think so.

19. Laughed so hard you cried?
No, not really. Whole dry sense of humour thing.

20. Burned yourself with a curling iron?
All the time.

21. Been hit on by someone too old?
Yes, I was taking a bus ride from varsity back home and this old man sat next to me. At one stage, he pipes up and tells me that I remind him of the most beautiful women in the world - Barbara Streisand. I wanted to die.

Any resemblance, at all? I dunno, must be the nose.

22. Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Five second rule rules.

23. Given a hickey?
Like have I ever given one, or have I been given one? Both. I once tried to give Flip a hickey in a warm water pool and it started bleeding. Oops.

24. Shared a sucker with your dog?
No, but I do love to stick peanut butter in their mouths.

25. Been in an accident?
Never, touch wood. again, same answer

26. Spied on your neighbours?
ehm, no.

27. Lied about your age?
 nah, not worth it.

28. Fired a gun?
No, I hate guns.

29. Been drunk?
Ha ha...I agree.

30. Gotten a tattoo
Nope. I'd love to get two, one over the scar on my shoulder and another of Flip's name on my ring finger, because I keep on losing my rings.

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Wasn't this fun? Please do it with me and leave me a comment so that I can check it out!


Lipgloss Kisses said...

Such a fun list of things!

Claudz said...

I am so using this too!! Love it!
I suspect there are a number of cool stories behind some of these.
Great list! Can't believe your teacher thought you were faking. seriously!

Odette J said...

It's so cool that we have such a lot in common lol.
Thanks for linking :)

Sue said...

hahahaa - too funny!! I have answered these questions on my blog too... the things we didn't know about each other.

Sue X

Daisy said...

Haha! This is one of my favorite games! Great way to learn about someone :)

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