Malberry Cakes {the best cake tasting ever}

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Wedding Cake. I have been told by a number of people that this should be last on my list of priorities, as often, by the time you and your groom are ready to cut it, a large number of people have already gone home or are so tipsy on wedding champagne and wine that they will not even taste the cake. "I'm to drunk to taste this chicken" springs to mind. But I wasn't going to let this influence me, I will have a stylish wedding.

Although I'm not willing to pay exorbitant prices (ahem, I got a quote for R10 000) for something edible, I am still not letting go on quality - and quality is what I found with our baker - Malberry Cakes.

On Saturday, Flip and I met the lovely Malissa - owner of Malberry Cakes, for our first cake tasting. You know, like in the movies. And oh my goodness, did I love it. I had my cake and ate it!

Malissa presented us with the most amazing Red Velvet cake with toffee cream filling; a Chocolate Mud cake - which tastes like brownies! - with white chocolate ganache filling and a Vanilla Velvet with a toffee cream filling. Oh my GANACHE! I have never tasted something so good in my entire life. I wish I could just share those tastes with everyone in the entire world.

Malissa quipped that even a groom who didn't like cake got so enthralled by it that he ate it all! We met Malissa at a jewellery shop at Lynwood Bridge - where I got chased out of the shop for taking too many photos - tee hee!

Flip was so in love with the Red Velvet cake that he didn't want to leave a piece for me to take home to my mom - so that she could also have a taste. I finally coaxed him out of it, but needless to say, our wedding cake will definitely feature Red Velvet. 
{I was a bit opposed to this though as I'm not a fan of red}

Malissa is explaining the different cakes to us below. 
I loved interacting with her and cannot wait to see her again on the wedding day!

Best cake tasting adventure like ever! 
I cannot wait to see our cake!


Johlet said...

Gonna magriet raak ek nou lus vir daai stukke koek wat in die foto is!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

How exciting and yummy! The thought of cake tasting hasn't even crossed my mind. I need to list this down too. I thought we would just sit down with the cake maker and discuss the color, what kind of cake and the design. I can't wait to have the cake tasting with my future mister. =)

Claudz said...

Those cakes look amazing!

Make sure you have a trusty bridesmaid to save you some cake.

And the cake does become a low priority - but it can be a big thing too -

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Besides the cake (which is always delicious to me!) - you look AMAZING Meg!! What is your secret?? x

Sue said...

How exciting and how yummy!! And look at you, looking fantastic!!

Sue X

Odette J said...

Her cakes and display looks amazing. makes me want cake as well, and LOL at you getting chased out the jewellery shop, that must have been hilarious!

Kirsty Rox Wilde said...

Your hair looks beautiful!!! I love it! :) I am in for a change soon myself :)

Also look... new blog...nothing like a bit of change :)


CharlieW said...

Our cake was just as important to me. More how it looked though, as my decor idea started with my dream cake! Enjoy all the planning! xx

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