Lynwood Bridge {a pleasant surprise}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The other day I was telling you about our amazing cake tasting, which took place at Lynwood Bridge Mall. Although I have driven past it, I have never been there - and when we finally went in, I was pleasantly surprised. The place has such a lovely outdoorsy vibe - and even in the middle of winter - people would sit outside and enjoy the afternoon sun.

While waiting for Malissa, our cake baker, I heard some jovial tunes being played on an accordion and snapped a few pics of this guy - not really a busker as such, as he was being paid by the mall to add some atmosphere - how cool is that?

After our appointment, I just had to speak to him and find out more - perhaps he could even play out our wedding! 

His name is Rian Britz and he plays in a couple of bands - one called  The Oh So Serious - which you really should check out, they have such cool music - and Swing Party, which doesn't have a website. However, Rian was kind enough to send me some of his recordings. I was amazed!

But the problem is that we already have a DJ, paid in full. 
What do you think? Can there be two different sources of music at one wedding?

Flip and I then proceeded to muck about, because that's just what we do.
I love him.


Claudz said...

I've never heard of this mall so I really need to get out and explore more.

Of course you can have different music at a wedding. We had a band and a DJ (for when the band took breaks and vice versa). My cousin had a sax player, a live band and a DJ all at different stages. I just love live music at a wedding and highly recommend it! If you can afford it, do it. I think this guy will be great after the ceremony before the reception.

Catriona @ Precious Impressions said...

Two different types of music is great. I had a band and DJ. You could play live music while the guests are waiting at the reception for you to arrive.

p.s this mall reminds me of Willowbridge in Cape Town.

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