Nice things happen to nice people

Friday, January 21, 2011

Yesterday I experienced an unsolicited act of kindness, after December has delivered a few blows from society.

We are moving in about a week and a half and I panhandled the local Pick 'n Pay for a couple of apple boxes to start packing. I was in the delivery area and asked the logistics manager if I may take the boxes. "Sure my sweetheart," he says.

As if he was right beside me, a young black man grabs all the boxes and asks where to? If only everyone in life could be this nice. I believe in karma, and think that the nice things I try to do to people are finally coming around.

In December though, a beggar called me a very crude Afrikaans word because I did not have any money to give him. Well, I'm sorry Mister I'm-too-lazy-to-work, perhaps you should go and mow some lawn and make a hundred bucks.

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