Google just made my Monday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Hargreaves!

Today is the birthday of Mr Men & Little Miss creator Ron Hargreaves and to celebrate, Google designed these lovely little logo's for the day and it made my day! I loved the books and the show when I was younger, and they still make me smile.

Little Miss Sunshine

Mr Dizzy

Mr Happy

Mr Rush

Mr Messy
Aren't they the sweetest?


Alisha said...

I went to sign in to my email this morning, and I smiled inside. I loved Mr. Men growing up! :)

Nice little tribute!


LOVE . LIFE . DESIGN . said...

these made my day today too! :-) such a great way to start a monday by seeing these little guys..

I am Megan said...

Hey guys!

I think the series would even make the biggest grouch on earth smile! They're so odd!

Rhianne said...

I lvoe google, these were perfect and so cool!

Jennifer Rod said...

So cute. I did a post on this too... check it out if you like:

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