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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet disposition,
Never too soon.

I learned something hard this weekend. No matter how sweet your life's disposition may seem, no matter how happy you are with your boyfriend, husband, house, dog, family, pizza or chocolate, life can still hit you with a curve ball. One that hits you in your stomach and blows the essence of life out of you. One that brings you to your knees and sends tears streaming down your face.

I learned that no matter how young you are, you should never take anything for granted. Every breath you take should be a tribute to God, for giving you strength, health, love, family and friends.

Oh, reckless abandon,
Like no ones watching you.

I learned that you should grab every moment with reckless abandon, you shouldn't worry about the latest fashions, the shiniest car, the biggest house. You shouldn't worry about what other people think about you, but live your life as it was planned for you and live your life like no one's watching you.

Songs of desperation,
I played them for you.

I learned that one of my best friends, a 24-year old girl, who had a hysterectomy two months ago, as a result of a very aggressive cancer, has gone into relapse. During the hysterectomy, the cancer was reduced to 1 cm. Small enough to treat quickly.

I learned that her cancer has grown four times the size, and has filled the hole left in her barren abdomen. She is now seeking alternative treatment, that is far beyond her financial reach. She has no medical aid, her parents are both pensioners as they had her at a very late age. I learned that she started a fund. If you think you can help her, check it out here.

A kiss, a cry,
Our rights, our wrongs.

I learned that I have never cried about someone as much as I have cried about my friend. I learned that you should appreciate the life you have and pray that your future is filled with health. I learned that praying is the mightiest thing and that God can achieve anything. You can help her by praying with me.


Tracy Hancock said...

Beautiful Megan

Jenna said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Megan - she will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she quickly raises the amount needed for treatment and hope she has a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

"I learned that my friend refused to go for chemotherapy."- Ons afspraak (26 Mei) was ons eerste geleentheid vir chemo behandeling. Niemand het niks geweier nie. Chemo is nie net n enkele tipe behandeling nie, die voorgestelde behandeling het n baie hoe risiko en is uiters ekstreem. So ekstreem dat die chemo gevaarliker is as die kanker. Ons wil net die beste vir haar he, en daarom gaan ons die Mediese dokter in parys nader vir alternatiewe chemiese behandeling. Wou graag net ons kant stel. Dankie vir die mooi blog!

Elle said...

My sweet friend, Melissa is in my prayers. Keep having faith Megs, she's in God's hands whatever happens.


Gentri said...

Thank you for sharing. I will keep her and all of her loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.

Haley K said...

Oh my heart breaks for your friend! Getting a hysterectomy and still having the tumor spread...I'm SO sorry...

You are so right Megan, we must take every breath with gratitude and know it is a gift from God. And those curve balls that come your way, God and Jesus are with you...and your friend. My prayers are with her...


Kirsty said...

Sad. But such a wonderful message behind it.

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