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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a strawberry. It is.
I am very proud to showcase my handy work to you today! Ha! Anyone that knows me, knows that there are a few things I am entirely incapable of. This includes cooking, cleaning, sewing a button on a shirt, working a hemline. Well basically anything that was expected from a housewife in the fifties. I can't do it. I'm simply not programmed too.

You might think it's because I'm lazy. But seriously, I am able to fry an egg in such a way that it looks like dog's vomit. Gross right? And my Grade 8 Home Economics teacher will be able to attest that she, in shifts with my mother, had to do all the stitching for the Apron Project we were assigned to do, just to help me pass.

In a few words, I'm pretty useless when it comes to stuff like this. AND I did it, I actually made something. I actually stitched it. And gave it to my mother. I made a giraffe too, for a baby, so I don't think he would mind the ugly stitching. (I have no evidence of the crime that is giraffe.)

And it's like a bug that bit me. I am currently working on a few other things. I will show you guys as soon as I'm done.

What do you think of my strawberry?


Anonymous said...


Emma said...

that is so cute!! xx

A Lost Feather said...

i am the same way! i totally would fail as a fifties house wife. yesterday morning i called my boyfriend at work to ask him how to make scrambled eggs. no joke. he didn't even make fun of me because he just knows i can't cook.

thanks for pointing out that my e-mail address isn't easily found! I didn't realize! i'm going to put it on my left side bar now :) (alostfeather@gmail.com)

oh! and the strawberry is cute.. totally looks like you know what you're doing!

Sophie said...

that is amazing! so cute xx

I am Megan said...

Aah, thanks for the feedback guys, I wish I could show you the other things already, but they are not done yet! and thanks for the e-mail address :)

I must admit that if I have a recipe, I can make some mean tasting yummy food. But I don't like following orders, too damn stubborn. So I end up not cooking. Ha!

Elle said...

Ah it's gorgeous M, well done!

I think it's an epic failure of our generation (excluding Tracy) ... I can't knit to save my life, despite numerous efforts to teach me by my ever-patient mom. You on the other hand may be claiming the needlework prize in no time :)

I can't wait for my Elly!!

Elle said...

oops my whale, lol! So no Megan, it shall be renamed :)

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