Travel Tuesday: The lion sleeps tonight

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I went through the rest of the photos of our trip to the Lion Park, and thought that these are just to pretty not to share.

A game ranger once told me that giraffes are like nature's version of a woman, inherently curious. This proved true at the game park. This giraffe followed our truck all the way to the gate and stuck his head inside the canopy a few times.

It was much to the delight of the few foreigners that were also on the truck. They squealed every time the giraffe came close. I'm surprised that the giraffe didn't freak out, but it's probably so used to humans and their reactions by now.

They are truly beautiful creatures and just makes me think about how great our God is for creating such majestic animals!


jillian m. said...

What great photos! And I didn't know that about giraffes. I think I'd be little intimidated and squealy if a giraffe came close to me, haha.

Jenna said...

Such pretty pics! When a friend came and visited from the states last year we went to the Rhino and Lion Park, but didn't have time to do a game drive - I've been wanting to go back with Jurgen and do one ever since :)


Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

Ahhhh I'm jealous!! These pictures remind me of The Lion King which is my faaavorite Disney movie! That is so cute about the giraffe, they are adorable!


Gentri said...

You took these?! They're incredible!! I am so jealous that you are able to get this close with the animals and not have a fence obscuring your view. Wow! Thanks so much for finding my blog and following. :) I can't help but follow back. Haha!

Sophie said...

omg wow!! these photos are incredible! xx

Haley K said...

isn't it amazing thinking about how God created such amazing, unique, and yes MAJESTIC animals?! :) Loved the photos Megan...absolutely stunning. What a fun trip!

and the part about the giraffe being all curious is too funny :)

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