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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little bit of a blog discussion. Unfortunately, I am not able to bring you Travel Tuesday today, but I would like to give my two cents.

Last night I watched an HBO special: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden. No doubt this woman is a powerhouse, packed with an incredible voice, amazing dancing skills and great onstage personality, except for the parts where she kept on wailing about how uncool she was in school and how everyone said she'll never make it. Yeah we know your sob story by now, get over it.

But something was just not right. I found it very disturbing.
Yes, she is supposed to have the shock factor and leave you with a few moments with your mouth hanging open, that's part of her stage persona, but I felt uneasy. I felt guilty watching it.

The opening scene of the show saw her wearing goat-like shoes. Disturbance number one.
Further, she said that she has no religion, but that she believes in Jesus Christ, which with later revelation, is her guitarist. That is blasphemous in my eyes.

Now, don't think that I'm a closed minded gimp that believes the rumours that she is the Antichrist and that she is a satanist or something like that. I don't believe it. When she got off the stage you could see a different side to her, and she greeted her dad who was backstage as 'daddy'. She's a good person.

What I do think, is that she is trying to shock the world so much, that she is misleading it entirely. And I don't like this. Maybe she should give the shock factor a rest for now. She is at the peak of her music career, and people love her. I am not saying she should give up on the brilliantly crazy outfits, but maybe just quit bringing religion into her shows or even songs.

What do you think?

Wow, that was quite a heavy post. So on another note, I watched Grey's Anatomy: The Musical last night. At first I cringed. I thought ugh, this sucks. But then I started to appreciate the talent of the actors, all being able to sing and dance and the raw emotion that some of them portrayed and I started enjoying it. And Owen's voice completely bowled me over. That man can sing.


Lentie said...

Her behaviour is way over the top, I think she is a nutjob. It is interesting to see what outfits she comes up with though.

Jenna said...

I only watched about 15 minutes of her concert and I will also admit that I was a little creeped out. I like the uniqueness she brings to the table and I love a lot of her music but sometimes (ok a lot of times) she crosses the line!


Sam said...

I don't get why Lady Gaga complains about her less than cool upbringing, when she learnt to play the piano at 4 years old and attended the same private school as Paris Hilton.
Also, there are definitely some satanic undertones in her music. In her latest song, Judas, she sings "I'm in love with Judas"
This lady is gaga for sure!

I am Megan said...

Sam, I think she's playing the pity card. She is appealing to the people who didn't have a great childhood, or a great experience in school.

She is appealing to the people who are easily rejected, ie gay people, who I believe are her biggest fans, because she says that she understands what they are going through and tells them about how she has been rejected, even if it's not true. She got a lot of fans that way and they adore her for it.

She is painting a picture of this poor reject, and they (her fans) are eating it like cake!

leeliz said...

I loved Grey's last night, it was brilliant and fitting. Other people seem to have hated it though, it got slated by many. I think it was love it or hate it, no mixed feelings!

*Cat* said...

Hi there, love your blog.

I loved the Greys episode. I was so shocked that Callie could sing so well. I couldn't watch the Lady Gaga concert, she freaks me out!

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