Cookie cutter galore

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sticking with my last post's theme of cookies, which attracted a lot of bon vivants, I though I would look for interesting and cute cookie cutters. I found them all on Pinterest, after looking on some buyable options on Etsy, but not particularly seeing anything I like.

These are crazy and quirky! My birthday is only four months away, so if anyone thinks they have nothing cooler to do than look for funky little cookie cutters in shops, feel free to buy me some! Hahaha

I love this the most!

Last font update: My blog is a royal mess with fonts. Can we pretend it supposed to look like this?


Claire said...

Have you seen these?

You're welcome :)

I am Megan said...

Oh my greatness Claire! You'll make me cry! They are sooo awesome!

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my! I want those puzzle piece cookie cutters. That is just to darn cute!

In our sea of love

Mrs. Ham said...

i always have high hopes when i go into williams sanoma and see all the cookie cutters! then i try to frost them and i have no chance at making them look good. ha

Gentri said...

I loooooove those!! How cute!! :D

See Me Everywhere said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the "message in a cookie" cutters! So incredibly sweet! :)


Mo Pie, Please said...

the puzzle cookies are awesome! I woud love to eat them, he he.

Christi Lynn said...

soo adorable. i love these!

Taryn said...

Ooohh I love inventively shaped biscuits :) great post!


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