Oppikoppi #1!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three words:
Dirty, drunk, drugs.

This is probably the best way to describe the past weekend. Although I didn't divulge in the last one, I did roll around in the dust like a pig and had Smirnoff Storms and bugs (the shooter, not an insect) for breakfast. 

Oppikoppi Unknown Brother beat the living daylights out of me and Flip.

Much like a big brother, the fest teases you with ample drinking opportunities, a plethora of grease and dust covered foodstalls, and five stages, which would make any manic music fan (read Megan) go crazy!

But then, like the big brother, it can throw a few punches. Punches, such as the cold! Holy dust! We had -5 degree sleeping bags, and yet the cold managed to penetrate through our blanket and our sleeping bags. The first thing we did on Saturday morning was drive into town and stock up on blankets. Other people also went to town, but stocked up on booze.

The second punch is the dust. Yeah, it was a punch, but luckily it didn't hurt to much. Although I am struggling to breathe now, as a result of a dust/cold induced cold. I'm always sick.

 My little off roadster. He loves dirt roads. I think he's an off roader in disguise.

And then comes the hardest blow, the one that knocks you down and leaves a bruise to prove it. 
The hangover. 
I don't recall really having a hangover. Perhaps it was because I was never really sober. I sound like such a debauch person, but people must understand that this is Oppikoppi. I don't normally drink like this. I don't normally drink at all

Flip having breakfast

The festival's highlight to me was dancing with Flip and our other friends while listening to South African legend David Kramer. We laughed and sung out loud, hugged random people and just felt a feeling of happiness. It felt like the whole Koppi was there to watch him.
Such an awesome show. Such a brilliant artist.

The lowest point of the whole festival was when an MC at another stage openly declared how he was high on acid and how he wants to see everybody naked. This stage was running a bit late, waiting for David Kramer's show to finish up and the MC thought it funny to shout: "Shut the Fuck Up" to the other stage over and over. 
Seriously, if you can't respect other people's music, you shouldn't be a damn MC in the first place. 

The sun set on yet another very successful Oppikoppi 
and I will never attend another one in my life,
 until next year :)

I'll post some of the fest photos and the very wacky people we met tomorrow. 
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Jenna said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love David Kramer, I once got to see him perform at a vineyard in Stellies, such a great performer that guy!

Maybe we'll go next year - although I must be honest, more than one day of debauchery may be a bit much for me and the Jurgenator haha.


Bon Bon said...

What a cool festival! I just want to say the name, Oppikoppi over and over:-) xoxo

Johlet said...

I still want to one day go to Oppikoppi!!!!
But don't know how I will survive!

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