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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have been quiet for a while, I just felt the need to have a little time of my own.
Not that I had a lot of time. I threw myself into my gym commitment, daily two hour sessions!
I still haven't seen any results, but apparently Patience isn't just a name for a number of black South African women.

I took some time to read a book. I think I might write a review about it. It was really a sweet book.

Right now, I'm in bed. In the living room. I had an appointment with a chiropractor today. She couldn't get my body to crack, but I feel relieved. She even did a little acupuncture. I just want to spread the word people, acupuncture is the business! She stuck the needle in a muscle that was unbelievably tense. And it just eased up. She also adjusted me a bit. Wow! You wouldn't understand the pain I was going through, apparently caused by stress and sitting at a desk for millions of hours, but the relief is just so immense! I want to tell the world about the wonders of chiropractors! They are like angels on earth.

The other day I came across this really ridiculous article.

The company outlined its "Office Environment Standard" in a memo emailed to employees in Brisbane this month.

The etiquette memo states:
Mining giant BHP Billiton has defended as "effective" its strict office etiquette policy, which bans workers from eating pungent food, throwing jackets on their chairs or putting Post-it notes on their monitors or keyboards.
- Post-it notes are to be removed from your monitors and keyboards at the end of the day;
- Other than workstation identification and first aid or fire warden signage, nothing is to be placed on workstation dividers, walls or doors at any time;
- Additional clothing must be stored in designated storage areas during the workday and not on chairs or at workstations;
- Food must not be eaten at your work station;
- No food that emits strong odours is allowed;
- Mobile phone ring tones kept at low volume and forwarded to voice mail when out of office; and
- No iPod or MP3 players to be used in the office.
Company spokeswoman Samantha Stevens said the policy had been implemented for a "couple of years" across all BHP Billiton offices in Australia.
No employee had complained to the best of her knowledge.
"It's a pretty straightforward, effective policy, which has been in place for some time across our offices, partly because we all travel so much," she said.
Ms Stevens said the office etiquette policy was designed to accommodate employees travelling between offices or "hot desking" and ensure the security of information.
"It's pretty common in open plan environments to have ground rules so people can work happily and co-operatively in a clean space," she said.
It is understood employees' cleanliness is monitored by the office cleaners.
The tone and volume of employees' voices and their language is supervised by senior company executives.
BHP Billiton in April leased more than 6000 square metres in the "Blue Tower" at 12 Creek Street, Brisbane, to house its expanding coal operations in Queensland.
The company also has in excess of 7300 square metres of office space in Riparian Plaza.
Ms Stevens said the Brisbane memo was reflective of policies across all BHP Billiton offices.

 Take a look at what my desk looks like.

I'm practically breaking every single rule. I cannot function without music. I would never be able to give that up. You can ask anyone who has known me longer than two minutes. I always have my earphones in, I always have music playing in my car and at home there is always music.

I either turn the radio on, or put the tv on one of the music channels. Much to the chagrin of Flip. He likes music , but not as much as I do. And sometimes I would want to listen to music, okay all the time, and he would like to watch some dumb show such as "How It's Made" or Ironchef and then we get irritated with each other. I'm a brat.

What rules does your company have in terms of office etiquette?

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