It saved my life

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm not one to talk about fashion and beauty and hair products, because quite frankly,
it freaks me out!
I really couldn't be bothered by products...I rarely buy something out of the ordinary.
Which means I rarely buy something I haven't bought for the past 23 years,
or at least, the past five, since I've only been buying my own stuff in the last five years.

But the other day, I asked Flip out on a date. 
And being the lazy bones I am, I didn't wash my hair that morning.
He was coming to the mall, in which my office building is situated, directly after work,
so there was no time for me to go home and make myself half human.
I hate it when I'm impulsive.

So, lunch time came and I went down to Clicks to buy some baby powder.
They say that baby powder removes the greasiness in your hair. Yuck.
I couldn't bare the thought of walking around with white powder in my hair.
People might think I have a serious case of dandruff or lice. Double yuck.
And then I asked my friend if there wasn't anything else I could use.
And we found this:

(I'm actually singing in that 'angel chorus' you hear on tv when something awesome happens)

Dry Shampoo.
I mean, how clever have people become these days?
I hate having to wash my hair everyday,
but I also hate looking like I just spent the night on a park bench with a bottle of wine as my only company.

And then this darling came along.
It is the best thing since, well, showers.
Which I didn't have this weekend.
So this was awesome!
They say on the bottle that it's also ideal for people who colour their hair, 
as the colour lasts so much longer with fewer washes.
Thank you Tresemme for being so clever!

Unfortunately, I lost it already.
I think it might be in my car. 
I just haven't gone through the trouble to look for it.

I also haven't washed my car after Oppikoppi. 
Blikaspaai is still covered in dust. 
It's a crying shame.


Liz Taylor Training said...

"but I also hate looking like I just spent the night on a park bench with a bottle of wine as my only company." -- HAHAHAHAHA!

But seriously, I bought it too and I don't know if I am not using it right or not but I don't like it :( I spray it on my roots because they get SOOO oily and I didn't see a difference at all :( and it also felt sticky :( grr :(

Gentri said...

I've heard such great things about this stuff! I need to get some! :D And did you change your blog look again? Or am I crazy? Probably crazy.

Anna of IHOD said...

Really??! K I am excited to try this. I use Tressame hair spray already.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicole said...

I must be using it wrong. IT doens't do a whole lot for me... :(

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