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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Lovelies! Is it really August already? Where did this year fly? This month will hold a few big things for me. It’s only four days till my first Oppikoppi, which I am extremely excited about! It's my mom's birthday month and Flip and I will celebrate being together one year and three months. I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

I want to tell you about my pretty new pink gumboots that I bought this weekend, but I also don’t want to spoil it. You’ll have to wait for my Oppikoppi post to see them.

I have a lot of other things to share though. Here goes:

On Friday, I had to say goodbye to a good friend who worked with me for the past year. She has found a job as an editor for four industry publications. I was expecting tears and sadness, yet it was very anticlimactic. We had a good lunch on Friday afternoon; I had mussels in white wine sauce and garlic bread. Flip complained the rest of the weekend about my garlic breath. Ha!
Later, after work, we had chai tea and shared a chocolate cake, as a last farewell. Not one tear. I know I’m going to see her again, so that’s probably why I didn’t cry. Flip had a meet-and-greet with his new colleagues. He started a new job as regional manager for a logistics company. He then proceeded to have a boy’s night. I chilled on the sofa. It was cold and I was very grateful that I didn’t have to move. Apparently, it snowed elsewhere in Gauteng.

We started the day with something that has become somewhat of a tradition, bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast, with cappuccinos. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee (how does one function without it?) Flip actually enjoyed himself a cuppa. I had two. We had it at Mugg & Bean, my place of preference. Flip likes Wimpy, I don’t.

Sorry about the quality of the pics. They came from a cellphone, ya know.
Clothes shopping for Flip followed this. I really didn’t know that men could be that much into shopping. Is this a sign ladies? Should I be reading into this? Ha! Nevertheless, I also scouted a few pieces to try on, despite my utter hate for shopping. And this is why I hate it so. It should actually be a blog post on its own.

I have extreme body issues. At school I have always been told that I am too skinny and that I look anorexic and that I should eat more. See, at school I had a funny relationship with food. I ate very little and there was very little that I liked to eat. I also didn’t drink alcohol, fizzy drinks or juice. I walked to school, exercised in the afternoons, jumped on the trampoline all afternoon, swam for hours, I was in some ways, very fit.

And then I went to varsity. I started drinking alcohol, which puts on the pounds like crazy, I started eating a lot more types of food than I did at home and I also enjoyed more starches, as most starchy things are quick and easy to make. I had the luxury of a mom cooking for me during high school and this rarely included starch. And then after varsity I lost a lot of weight, only to put everything plus more back on when Flip and I started our relationship.
I’m not blaming him and I am not saying that it was one of those types of weight gains that come along because “I’m comfortable and I have a boyfriend so I don’t have to watch my weight anymore.” Flip simply made the most delicious food on earth. And living across from a garage with convenience store was also not the best thing. On Saturdays we would walk across the street and buy packets of chips, usually followed by pizza or Flip’s cooking for dinner. I gained like crazy.
Long story short, I ballooned so much that I actually had a stretch mark. This resulted in a breakdown and a long teary conversation with my mom on the phone. I decided to go on a diet. This worked; I lost a lot of weight very quickly. But then I discovered all the foods I love so much again. This is actually not food food, but biscuits and chips. I also don’t have that little voice in my head (stomach) that tells me that I am now actually full.
Although I didn’t gain, I all of a sudden expected everything in the shops to fit. And on Saturday, after trying to fit in a nice looking denim, which didn’t fit the way I liked it to, I broke down again.
Crying in the middle of a mall.
So I decided to join a gym. Not the one we have in our complex, which I am already a member of. But a big outside gym, that has classes and a swimming pool and lockers and that type of thing. I’m going for my first session tomorrow. With my friends, thank God for that.
In the evening we went out to a really trashy place. It was a “Get out of your comfort zone”evening and I made Flip dance with me. He doesn’t dance. He steered me into a short girl, who then proceeded to elbow punch me in the kidney. I cried. Again. I’m such a wuss.

Both Flip and my parents came over.
Flip made a rad lamb potjie.
To my American readers, I don’t know what that is in American, I suggest you google it :)

That’s pretty much what happened.
Oh, and I acquired a second degree burn on my arm.
Curiosity killed the cat. Or in my case burned the fuck out of me as I tried to lift the pot’s lid.
Luckily my mom saved the day.
Burn eaze and bandages, hoozah!

Back in real time, I woke up with a cold again this morning. I am going to scream my effing head off if I’m not well by the weekend.
 I hate this winter bug I’ve been having.
How was your weekend? Post a comment with a link to your blog so I can see what you guys got up to! Hell yeah!

(Ps, can't believe I am only one follower away from 100! Jho! )

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SaffaKate said...

Im so jealous! I would love a meal at Mug & Bean. hehe.


Fiona said...

Your weekend sounds fab!

We didn't get up too much. We shopped, we went out to Fourno's for breakfast, we had a kiddies birthday party that included vodka and cranberry and gluwein for the adults and Sunday I had an afternoon nap, it was nice :)

Well done on your very soon to be 100 followers. I love your blog!

Nes said...

Now you have 100! :)

Elle said...

Ah sweets, I think my leaving wasn't sad because I had zero time to drag you into wallowing :)

You're going to love that gym. I've discovered it's actually one of the 'lahni' ones, at least in comparison to the one I'm forced to join now!

Really hope this awful cold decides it's had enough of us and departs to the island where all the single socks end up. Enough already!

See you in a few hours :)

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