A day at the beach

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last week I started recapping our trip to Mozambique during our December holiday, but there is still so much to share, like the lovely beaches and the strange things we found.
Much like the weather, the water is warm, but still cold enough too cool you down in that crazy heat. It’s shallow {we could walk away to the white horses you see at the back of the picture above}, and so clear that you could see your feet almost all the time – perfect for snorkelling!
On our last day at the beach the wind was blowing in a strange direction {or so the people around us said} and brought with it an army of blue bottles, teeming through the entire sea. We still risked swimming in the water, but had to dodge these guys at all times. Flip got stung on his thumb and I got a lashing on my stomach and butt. It didn’t hurt as much as I though it would. Not that I got stung on purpose.
Eventually, the little suckers washed out.
DSCF0070 DSCF0071
I felt very sorry for the poor things, even though they are made of evil, and the one at the top kept on breathing. I nearly started crying, because I knew they were going to die. So I devised a plan, stuck my foot in the sand underneath the blue bottle and kicked it back to the sea {or made a little puddle, so it could just be in water}. I failed. The one blue bottle tore into longer blue stripes. I was sad.
Tanning cheered me up.


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

Dude, I've totally seen these Portugese men of war before. They are so pretty!

What a way to spend December. *Jealous.

The Pink Growl said...

AMAZING beach pics! I'm so jealous!

Shay said...

You are the sweetest- I would have been sad about the poor things dying as well. And then I would have gotten made fun of by my husband since they are evil:-)

jessica {creative index} said...

Jealous! I can't wait for the weather to warm up and hit the beach! This girl needs a tan too! lol

ExMi said...

i remember being a kid, and running along the beach we lived near. the sand was covered in dead blue bottles and i had an awesome time popping each one. they make a satisfying pop when jumped on (with slops on, of course!.

probably not what you wanted to hear, but i was only 5 or 6 and didn't know any better!

Sam said...

Hi Megan, wow Mozambique lookss beautiful, I have never been there but looks like I have a reason to now...the beaches are picturesque! Thats actually the first time I saw a bluebottle, they are quite unique, (dangerously unique). P.S, I did a bridal gown inspired post dedicated to you today :)

Fiona said...

The beaches look amazing! Wow. I can't wait. Only 8 months and counting, yikes it feels so long :)

Mrs FF said...

Pardon my ignorance, what exactly are those blue bottles?

That beach looks amazing...

AngelConradie said...

I wanna go there too!

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