Friday Fancies: A date with the gym

Friday, January 11, 2013

I have started the new working year with a bang! Not only did I have to edit a 117 page feature, which was about 50 000 words {finished it today, whoop!}, but I also got my butt back into the gym, big time!

My friend and I have committed ourselves to Crossfit, and I think it’s safe to say, I am addicted – to the exercises, the feeling of accomplishment after completing a day’s routine and the pain! I am sitting here in unreserved agony and I love it.

There are muscles that are hurting that I really didn’t know exist, but this pain is what drives me to do more, because I know that I’m doing something right and by the time I have to walk down the aisle, I will be looking like a beach goddess. (Well, I hope so).

My next goal is to start eating healthier and to eat foods that will give me the energy I need to complete my routines. At the moment, I am taking some sinusitis meds, with pseudoephedrine {an appetite suppressant}, so I haven’t been doing my best in the eating department.

Needless to say, with gym-brain, I couldn’t think of anything else this week for Friday Fancies but some awesome gym gear. I normally just wear gympants and one of Flip’s shirts, but who says you can’t glam it up in the gym?

 I made this set with Polyvore, so all the details of the outfit is here.

I also spoiled myself with some gym toys, including this digital skip rope from iGym. 

 Available from Totalsports.

To life! And a good gymming year!


Johlet said...

What is Crossfit? Sounds fun!!!
I need a gym partner ASAP!

Notes She Wrote said...

I love those gym clothes you put together, especially those pants! :)

Here's to a new, healthier year :)

xo, Lauren

Jamie said...

I've wanted to try crossfit, but I'm scared. Sounds so intense! haha


helen said...

you go, girl! inspired by your resolve. and your cute picks :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

that's so awesome Megan! good for you two, i need to put some more focus in the fitness direction soon too. that skip rope is the coolest thing! i was a lousy skipper but maybz with something as swell as that i could manage a relatively inline rhythm ;) thumbs way up to sportify-ing yo-self!

congrats on completing proofing the feature too, what a huge job it sounds like!

happiest new year lades, wishing you cheers + charms ahead! ♥

Carrie said...

That sound so much fun!!! Keep doing your thing and you'll be looking like a beach goddess in not time. That's forsure. :D

Enter to win a feather hair extension from Hair Extension Deal!!! :)


Jillian said...

Nice to see you're making an effort better your health! I haven't been to the gym in over a month. Not very proud of myself for that. Womp, womp...

Mrs FF said...

The gym outfits are so yummy (I am sure you know what I mean). Very lovely.

I will be rooting for you. Crossfit sounds interesting, I should research it. I also set a fitness goal for myself this year and the aim is to go to the gym 4 to 5 times every single week (so far doing ok, though it is just week 3 and there are 49 weeks to go in 2013). And once I get into the groove of it, start a healthy eating regime :)

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