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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My cousin sent me an email the other day, of something he found unbelievably funny. This email featured costumes for dogs that were for sale on collective buying site Citymob.

Since then, I have regularly checked into the site that calls itself the curator of city cool, where anyone, anywhere can experience the best of local South African culture. The sales change every week and includes funky, curated local designs by some of the best talents in the country.

I have gathered some of the sales from a previous week to give you a taste. They also have repeat sales of some of the goods, so keep your eyes open for the stuff you really love!



Sam said...

Hi megan, thanks for letting me know about Citymob, they seem to have the most cool and eccentric things! Those ice cream bowls are so cute and I think the bow-ties could maybe add a quirky look to an outfit.

Pascale said...

I am addicted to Citymob. It is bad. far too many christmas pressies came from them. I just LOVE their selection of really interesting pieces and art.


Hayley said...

I have also recently discovered it...such cool stuff. My poor credit card :-(

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