Do you know yourself?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some people hate melted ice cream, or loud noises, while others adore little ceramic animals, cigar pants and taking naps on a Saturday. Some people make their hates and loves so known that other people can see it and use it in presents, surprises and life's moments.

Think about a friend that shows his or her Christianity and utmost love for God so much that it really shines through, that you can see the light in them.

It's Sunday afternoon, and there is something blaring in the background, I think it's History Channel. I would like it to be the music that I love. I'm all about music. And I often feel that that is where it stops.

This might sound a bit existentialist, but I often wonder if I know myself. Other than my music, which is solidly engraved in my being, like a big tattoo across my soul, I fall around in what I like or dislike. My constants include my husband-to-be, my family and my dogs, Jethro and Mila. But in terms of my favourite flower and colour, that changes with the wind. I cannot even commit to a hairdresser.

Perhaps it's part of my personality, the restless feeling I always have. "Why am I sitting in front of a laptop or tv when there is so much life to be had?" But how are some people so content to have their constants, all the time?

Do you really know yourself? And do you live this out to others?

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