New name, new look

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello everybody, hope this Tuesday is treating you swell! Or much better than its treating me, I feel a bit like an overloaded donkey at the moment.

Notice anything different? Well, I sure hope so, I changed the look AND NAME of SFL to The Sun House. The reasoning behind this is that I started the blog when I was still living in an apartment, on the second floor, but that only lasted for a year before I absolutely had to move to a little house with a garden so that I can have a pet, or two.

The story behind the name:

Flip and I currently live in a canary yellow house on Sun street. It only felt apt to change the name to The Sun House. And even if I paint the house grey, which I am planning on doing as soon as the wedding is over, I will still be living on Sun street.

I am also planning on making some changes to the house, which means that the blog will journey some of my DIY's and changes that are happening in every day life.

It's still the same blog, with the same old me, just with a different new look and feel. Also, since I am owned by a staffie, I thought that this would make a lovely touch to the look.

There will still be some ongoing changes, as a blogger's job is never done.

Bear with me while this is happening. Goodbye SFL, hello The Sun House.

I would love to know what you think of the new look.


Charlene Smith said...

I love your header! Beautiful name as well XXX

helen said...

love the new look and name, especially the story behind it! :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Love it!! Great change Meg x

Claudz said...

Love the new look. The new name is cute too.
Can't wait to read about your DIY projects

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