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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Winter is definitely upon us; well almost, and this weekend was mostly spent indoors, with the gas heater, blankets and Milo. I even got Mila a fancy - read kitsch - fleece jacket to keep her insulated against the cold. She loves it when I put it on her, and parades around the house like a little madame.

Jethro got a more rocker type jacket, a leather one, with a plush inside, but when I put it on him, it didn't fit. Oh well, I'll just have to swop it.

At least I can make one person warmer by announcing the winner of last week's Maiden Name competition. Drum roll please....

Congratulations Mineze! 
I used to sort through all the entries and this number 32 came up.

Thanks again to Maiden Name for hosting this lovely giveaway!

1 comment:

Johlet said...

So cool! Het die ou baadjie gesien vir Mila, te cute!!!

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