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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today is such a gloomy day, we've had a few of these, with almost nonstop raining. But I shouldn't be complaining, I recently started revamping my garden a bit - so I should be thankful for the rain, it means less work for me. This revamp is exciting and if I had an unlimited budget, it would have been finished much earlier - the way 'impatient I' likes it.

Part of the revamp includes spreading some succulent love to pretty up my place. Do you know what the best things about succulents are? Well, come to think of it, there are a few.

1. You can steal them from other people's gardens. I am not advocating theft here, or crime - just greening the earth. Besides, succulents make little babies and grow very fast, so plucking a baby from a big succulent isn't stealing. Or am I just trying to soothe myself here?

2. Don't steal other plants people. It's wrong.

3. Succulents grow in harsh conditions. Ahem. I might be one of those people who sometimes forgets to water her plants for a few days. Ahem, weeks.

4. They grow like crazy. And they're pretty.

I took two succulents from a neighbour's outside garden a few months ago and planted it in a pot. It has grown so much that I had to plant it into another pot, which it outgrew quickly. This lead me to planting them into an open stump in my garden. This is the picture story. I mean, there's enough words already.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the stump that got succulated. 
Call the local press, the difference is big!

Also, I got by with a little help from my friends. Not. 
And don't look at the length of the grass. It got cut the next day.

He loves his damn blue ball.


Jackie said...

Wow! LOVIT!!!

Jack Burke said...

Raising succulent garden is a great hobby and a hassle-free thing to do for the gardening enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge about cultivating this kind of plant.

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