The day I was saved by a 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ha! So today I had to attend some congress in Sandton and leaving there a bit earlier I decided to follow my own path back to Bedfordview. Now, I am not a native Joburger and only know the most obvious roads back and forth.

Eventually I ended up in a suburb called Waverley and past comes a fire-engine red 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000. I have quite a knack for old cars, I dream of owning a Karmann Ghia or an Austin Healy someday. So, I decided to go out on a whim and follow this red car, with its 20-something driver, and see where I end up. I had the gps with me, so if I ended up being so entirely lost I would still be able to find my way back to the office.

So, I kept on following this gorgeous piece of car and I shit you not, this guy actually drove right up to our offices, only taking a straight where I had to turn right. I eventually knew where I was when I was close enough to the office to recognise my surroundings, but it was such an awesome experience to just follow my head, and a red car, and actually end up in the right place. Fate, I tell you! Believe in it!

Fate in the shape of this


Anonymous said...

Thats rather lucky

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