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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Don't believe in a compass that points East," he croons in his song, Kissing Devils on the Cheek. I believe you guy, you're going to get awfully lost if you follow that needle.

South African singer/songwriter Farryl Purkiss must have followed that needle somehow, because here he is, in a four-question interview.

 "Don't believe in the comfort of a rocking chair. It will rock, rock, rock, but still won't get you anywhere" the song continues. He definitely got up out of his comfy chair and after learning to play the guitar at age 15, released his first self-entitled album in South Africa, in 2007. This was followed up by Fruitbats & Crows in 2009, and he even got a song featured on medical drama Private Practice.

"Quit playing games, stop dropping names," says the chorus. As unpretentious as his lyrics, so is this devilishly good looking man, with his equally alluring voice and his opiate acoustic guitar. And he is still moving forward. He talks to me about his new album, awesome bands and crazy stunts.

You're working on a new album. How's it going and when will it be done?
"It's going well. I moved to a farm a year ago to get away from everything and clear my head. It's been a good change of pace, a breath of fresh air. And you will definitely hear the influences in the songs.

I'm hoping to finish writing for the album by the middle of this year and release it around the end of the year." (Just in time for Christmas, me thinks).

Why did you choose music?
"I didn't choose music, it kinda chose me actually. It fell in my lap and I realised that I can't turn an opportunity like this down."

What are some of the best bands that you have seen live?
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals.

He also says hat the bravest (read crazy-romantic) thing that he has ever done was flying overseas to meet a girl he has never even met. Lucky girl.
 If you would like to see more of this talented man and check out his gigs, go to his Facebook page or his website.

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Cool. Hope his album does well.

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